7 Movies We're Looking Forward To: May 2012

Taylor Kitsch in Battleship

Over the first four months of 2012, moviegoers have been offered a few great films and a bunch of mediocre offerings. But now, the season of summer blockbusters is set to begin with the highly-anticipated release of The Avengers. Featuring a team of superhero superstars including Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, this film is already breaking box office records.

But The Avengers isn't the only movie to look forward to this month. May 2012 will feature the release of the long-awaited Men in Black III and the international blockbuster Battleship makes its debut in the United States (it's already opened overseas).

As we've done before, here's a list of films that we at Screen Rant are looking forward to this month. We've settled on 7 films - and this time we're counting down the movies, ranking them from least to most most-anticipated movie of the month.

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