Max Payne Retribution Fan Film is Generating Critical Acclaim

The fan-made Max Payne: Retribution film gets a surprising amount of love from both fans of the video game series and critics.

Max Payne Retribution Poster

A Max Payne fan-made movie titled Max Payne Retribution is making the rounds on the internet and gaining a lot of positive interest from critics and fans for its high production value. Produced by Nocturnal Pictures, the film was released online on June 24 (with a proper film premiere in London May 25) and since then has been raking in positive reviews and support from the Max Payne fan community.

The film takes on the basic story elements and characterization of the Max Payne video game series coupled with a new narrative resulting in a fresh take on the iconic character.  The film, which runs for 44 minutes, is a mix of different genres described as a "noir love story with hard-hitting gritty action scenes tangled between a dark world of devil worship."

Since the video was uploaded on the fan film's official YouTube account (which now has over 57,000 views), fans quickly flocked in to see what the clamor is all about. The comments section was eventually littered with compliments for the project -- some of them already asking for a sequel. Likewise, critics are also loving the film with various media outlets singing it praises:

Max Payne Retribution Poster

“It’s a contained story that gradually builds to an epic gunfight in a drug warehouse” Den of Geek!

“This is the real Max Payne, and boy has he made a welcome return” Dread Central

“Max Payne Retribution is a masterful tribute to the game that oozes a sense of earnest appreciation rarely seen elsewhere”Machinima SBOC"

In an official statement from co-producer, Chloe Chudasama from Nocturnal Pictures, she explained that Max Payne Retribution is just a taste of what they can do to the property if they are given the reins by the IP holder, Take Two Interactive. The non-profit film is made with just a full budget of £1500 raised on indiegogo and with the massive support to back them now, it shouldn't be that difficult to find funding for additional projects:

“We are using this fan film as a great platform/stepping stone for Nocturnal Pictures to show the film industry what we can do with such limited budget but a plethora of hard work and passion, and use this as a means to raise investment for film projects we have in development. But more importantly to develop Max Payne Retribution into a TV Series with the permissions of Take Two Interactive”

This is not the first time that the Max Payne property was adapted into a film. In 2008, the Max Payne film was rolled out starring Mark Wahlberg as the titular character. The project was distributed by 20th Century Fox and had hinted of a possible sequel in the works. Unfortunately, due to its countless negative reviews from both critics and fans, the follow-up never saw the light of day.

No comment as of yet from Take Two Interactive regarding its stand on Max Payne Retribution. Screen Rant will continue to monitor any new developments on the project so be sure to check back.

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Source: Nocturnal Films

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