Max Payne & Punisher 2 Movie Sites Updated

Two movies that follow angry men with guns each have their own new websites up this week: Punisher: War Zone and Max Payne.

The first, Punisher: War Zone, is entirely made in Flash and it looks and animates as if it were straight from a video game. Because it is Flash intensive, it takes a little while to load at first, even on broadband.

My first impressions are that it's simply really cool. It runs very smoothly and the effects and graphics are extremely professional and stylistic, matching the tone of the film (from what we've seen in the trailers). The cursor is a gun sight and like the other animation on the site is very smooth as well.

The website features the usual plethora of filmed-based sections including information on the film, a photo gallery and some downloadable goodies. Some parts parts of the site like 'cast and crew' are not yet complete and are marked with 'coming soon' when you hover or click them.

The site definitely does the film justice and the best part is that there is no out-of-place thrash-metal music! For years I was looking down on this film simply because of Tom Jane being separated from the franchise, but upon seeing Ray Stevenson and his incredible performances in Rome and The Outpost - I am 150% on board for this. Especially after seeing the pictures of him in the role and even moreso now that everything has settled down on the rumour and gossip front.

The Max Payne website opens with a page featuring the more recent of its trailers with a button to enter the real site.

Upon entering the actual website, we're again met with a loading screen for another Flash-intensive site. The site is crazy professional like the Punisher site and although it's easier on the eyes, the animations are a lot choppier.

The Max Payne site also offers several photos, some concept art, some downloadable content and a little information about the movie. And again like the Punisher site, one of the sections (the features) is not yet up and is marked with 'coming soon'.

One really cool feature is the Graphic Novel section which takes you through a few scenes from the film with a neat little conversion to comic animation.

Max Payne stars Mark Walhberg and Mila Kunis and is based on the popular video game franchise made famous by its bullet-time features.

If you're a fan of the Punisher comics or the Max Payne games, or are just looking forward to the movies - definitely check these sites out.

Max Payne opens October 17th and Punisher: War Zone on December 5th.

Source: Facebook Marvel Movies Group (Thanks, Ed!)

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