Max Payne Gets A PG-13 Rating

...Not like it mattered to me much, I'm old enough to rent a car if I want to!

However, it looks as though Warner Bros. is going for the big $tacks this October when Max Payne comes out. Trailers for the film have shown that  it's none too short on bullets and mayhem; hmmm... you think the studio cashed in a favor with the MPAA to get Max Payne the rating they wanted?

Now the theater doors are wide open to all the teenage boys who have memorized the Max Payne video games line for line; the 18-40 boys club that loves a good shoot-em-up flick; girls who love to gaze at Mark Wahlberg for two hours; and the unfortunate ladies who get dragged along to the theater by their man.

That should just about cover all four quadrants. Smart move 20th Century Fox, smart move.

The best part of this whole Max Payne rating is that the director, John Moore (Flight Of The Phoenix), thinks that he and his loyal league of Internet cronies actually had something to do with "winning" a PG-13 rating for Payne. From an interview with Das Gamer before the rating came out he lamented how difficult it would be to cut down the film to achieve the coveted PG-13:

Das Gamer: How challenging has it been to get a PG-13 rating for Max Payne?

John Moore: It continues to be a challenge. We’re right in the middle of it now. We’re suffering from what I call Batman blowback. The Motion Picture Association of America gave The Dark Knight a PG-13 rating and basically sucked Warner Bros. [EXPLETIVE]. I have a serious amount of issues with the MPAA... Go to their website and read their charter about what gives a fair and balanced view for typical parents. We’re still strangled by an association that’s straight out of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

But suddenly, after the rating came out it turns out it was a piece of cake:

...I didn't have to change much. We trimmed some frames more for the sake of trimming frames than anything, but we got the rating without any major changes at all. I'm a little surprised that we changed their minds, effectively, but I'm happy about it. It proves that if you stick to your guns and you have the creative, and dare I say moral sense, that you're in the right, that you can get the right thing done.

Oh yeah, Johnny, That's it. Just "stick to your guns" and you can bend those fools over at the MPAA! Yeah man! Hell yeah!

Hollywood exasperates me :-P

So here we have yet another case of a film that is barely PG-13 and probably should have been an "R." Whatever the case, Max Payne now has its PG-13 rating, so teens and 'tweeners with facial hair rejoice. For the rest of you, have a look at the latest Max Payne trailer here to see if the film is up your alley. And be sure to bring your high school ID to the theater with you on October 17, 2008; you don't want to have a problem getting in.

Source: Das Gamer via Rope of Silicon

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