Max Payne & Day The Earth Stood Still Posters

Dark Horizons scored some hi-res posters from Comic-Con for Max Payne and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Based on the Max Payne trailer, it's too soon to draw any conclusions on whether the film will be good or not, although after his performance in The Happening, I'm not exactly excited to see Mark Whalberg in a leading role again.

As far as the Keanu-starring TDTESS remake, the panel for his film will be starting in an hour. At this point I'm still looking at it with a heavily skeptical eye and my gut reaction is that I think it's going to be awful. But at least the posters are cool, with one giving us a definite look at the robot Gort.

The Max Payne posters are both extremely cool looking as well. You can click on the images to see bigger versions at Dark Horizons.

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