Max Landis Tweets Mysterious Joker & Lois Lane Dialogue

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Screenwriter Max Landis tweeted a conversation between Lois Lane and The Joker, cryptically hinting at things to come for the DC duo. The acclaimed screenwriter is known for his work on Chronicle and Victor Frankenstein, but has also turned his talents to writing for comics in the past. He wrote DC's American Alien, a 2015/2016 miniseries exploring the origins of Superman, a well-received series that has led to DC fans calling for more of his work in the larger comic universe.

American Alien tells the Superman origin story in a new way, focusing on several separate incidents in Clark Kent's young life, from childhood through to his early days as the Man of Steel. The series ended after only seven issues (which was always the intent, and the short run is not related to the reception of the series), but a recent tweet from Landis suggests that he may be returning to the DC universe - or even combining the two with a move to the DCEU.

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Landis tweeted several paragraphs of dialogue this week, captioned only "some sketching of something for later." The dialogue is between Lois Lane and the Joker, with the reporter interviewing the Clown Prince of Crime. The interview reveals a different side of the Joker, one where he fully admits to the 'Joker' being a kind of persona, or exaggeration of his 'real' self. "I'm not saying the Joker is a whole different person than me, he's an exaggeration of me, you know?" Take a look at the full exchange in the tweet below:

some sketching of something for later

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) September 28, 2017

The screenwriter does not clarify exactly what he is working on this dialogue for, but it's clear that he's going to be collaborating with DC again on some kind of project in the near future. Of course "later" could refer to any time, so this may not be something that fans will see finished soon, but the fact that he is mentioning it publicly, even as cryptically as this, suggests that the project will be announced in the coming weeks or months.

It's highly likely that this is a hint at a return to the comic side of DC, with some kind of follow up to American Alien. Several fans asked the writer if this is something that would be appearing in that comic universe. While Landis did not confirm or deny the connection, he did expand on the tweet in response to a comment that mentions American Alien to say: "The question I need my Joker to ask is: if he still murdering people with an acid spitting flower, what does "genuine" even mean?"

While any mention of DC, especially of characters who have already appeared in the DCEU, is likely to spark speculation about the possibility of this dialogue appearing in future films - that's a particularly unlikely scenario. The Joker (Jared Leto) of the DCEU is not one who would be likely to have this kind of self-aware conversation with Lois Lane (Amy Adams), nor is there any obvious upcoming film where the two would interact. Instead, this seems to be a look at an upcoming comic series that will bring together Lois and one of the greatest villains of the DC world - which may mean that Landis is bringing his style to a wider range of characters, and even taking a crack at Batman as well as Superman at some point in the future.

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