'Chronicle' Screenwriter Set to Pen the Sequel

Thanks to the critical and box office success of his found footage variation on the traditional superhero origin story - Chronicle - director Josh Trank is on his way to working on bigger and better projects, like a spin-off about Spider-Man villain Venom. Meanwhile, Chronicle writer Max Landis has become one of the more hot-in-demand scribes around Hollywood and is working behind-the-scenes on upcoming flicks like Shawn Levy's Frankenstein re-imagining and a Pied Piper movie.

However, if 20th Century Fox gets its way, the pair will likely be working together again on Chronicle 2 in the future - and now, the studio is at least half-way towards realizing that goal.

Deadline is reporting that Landis has indeed been set to script a followup to Chronicle, though there's no word yet on what exactly the production timetable is for the sequel. Similarly, although Trank previously confirmed that he does have "a deal" with Fox, the helmer (when asked about Chronicle 2) also expressed an interest in working on more original projects, ie. not a sequel. Hence, even though Landis is officially aboard for the followup, that does not assure that Trank will soon be following suit.

Without getting into specific spoilers, it's safe to say that Chronicle stars Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan, and Alex Russell won't all be reprising their roles as newly super-powered teenagers in a sequel. Much like the recently-announced followup to Project X (a fellow found footage flick), there's also no guarantee that Chronicle 2 will retain the faux cinéma vérité element of its predecessor; given the innately less costly nature of the intentional amateur filmmaking style, though, studio heads will at least favor that approach.

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There are certainly several interesting directions that Landis could take with his script for the Chronicle sequel, like further exploring the mysterious (alien?) force which granted the first film's teen protagonists their super powers - or... er, chronicling the further adventures of that flick's surviving characters, which could involve them dealing with the aftermath of the dark events in Chronicle's third act (or, alternatively, facing off against a new super-powered foe, in conventional comic book superhero story mode).

Chronicle 2 naturally risks squandering the good will showered on its predecessor, should it not offer the same engaging character drama or inventive filmmaking techniques offered by the first film. Not to mention, the found footage element could easily end up being stretched to the point where it breaks in the Chronicle sequel, especially since the latter project will be saddled with expectations to do something more creative with that storytelling format (more so than even the first movie).

We will continue to keep you updated on the status of Chronicle 2 as more information is released.

Source: Deadline

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