Could Marvel's ResurreXion Revive Classic Jean Grey?

Could Marvel’s ResurreXion Revive X-Men Jean Grey?

Marvel’s week of X-Men-based announcements continues in preparation for their “ResurreXion” lineup next spring. On Monday, the comic purveyors gave fans a first look at longtime team member Iceman’s all new ongoing series. Yesterday also brought exciting news, as a new Weapon X series teased the potential return of the classic, pre-Old Man Logan Wolverine.

Today, Marvel revealed that yet another classic X-Men teammate will have a prominent role in their mutant rebirth roster – that of Jean Grey.

Marvel broke the news through Twitter that the psionic mutant would get her own ongoing series as part of their “RessureXion." As of yet, the House of Ideas hasn’t included any details as to the writer or artist involved in Jean Grey #1 or any of the new X-line for that matter. In a similar fashion to the other books, the cover gives fans another shard-filled vision which teases the various eras of Jean Grey – including three different iterations of the Phoenix Force, along a very provocative, fiery 'X' in the title. Check out the teaser below:

Could Marvel’s ResurreXion Revive X-Men Jean Grey?

One of the original X-Men, Grey is one of the few early team members who has never been blessed with her own standalone saga. This is somewhat surprising, given her omega-level powers and influence in the Marvel Universe, especially while possessed by the Phoenix Force. Her link to the cosmic entity has certainly been felt across Earth-616 and beyond, as the Dark Phoenix has brought to the universe to the brink of destruction on several occasions. At this point, it’s been 13 years since the original Jean last appeared alive in the MU, after being killed by Magneto who was really Xorn who was really…well, it’s long story. Currently, a younger, temporally-displaced version of her runs around with the All-New X-Men.

Although Marvel hasn’t made any formal announcements as to which Jean will star in the series, it will likely focus on her  teenage counterpart. On the other hand, the burning 'X' and the presence of both telepathic X-women on the cover hints at the possibility of both Jeans playing a role, whether via flashback or sharing page-time, in the Jean Grey title. Perhaps Marvel feels it's finally time to resurrect their classic iteration (which would be mildly ironic if the older Cyclops is truly killed during the Death of X miniseries).

No matter which Jean graces the pages of Jean Gray #1, Marvel's move to feature another X-Men character in an ongoing book bodes well for X-Men fans. As each new X-book is teased, the end of mutantkind seems less likely. It appears that the comic powerhouse has every intention of putting their classic mutant team back in the limelight. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more exciting reveals from Marvel’s “ResurreXion” event this week.

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Jean Gray #1 arrives in spring of 2017.

Source: Marvel

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