Matthew Vaughn's Next Film Will Be 'Bloodshot'

Matthew Vaughn is Directing Bloodshot

Now that he's proven his geek credentials with the brilliantly entertaining Kick-Ass (see our review), it would appear that Matthew Vaughn is sticking to the world of comic books for his next feature as well. According to an exclusive report from Latino Review, Matthew Vaughn's next project will be an adaptation of the popular Valiant comic book Bloodshot.

Latino Review's scoop, which comes courtesy of the "notorious Pinche Taco," says:

Matthew Vaughn’s next film is going to be a comic book yet again- but this time it is a comic book adaption of the defunct Valiant comic book BLOODSHOT.

There are two volumes of the comic with slightly different stories. The movie will focus on Volume 2. Bloodshot is about a reanimated government assassin killing machine named Angelo. Vaughn is writing along with Jane Goldman who wrote Stardust and Kick-Ass for him. Vaughn is fully financing and intends to cast the film late summer. William Morris/Endeavor did the deal.

In case you're unfamiliar with the character or the comic, here's a little more backstory on Bloodshot, aka Angelo Mortalli, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Mortalli is a ruthless killer climbing the mob ranks when his crime family betray and murder him. In an experimental procedure the FBI attempt to extract information from his long-dead brain by injecting microscopic computers called nanites into his blood. The nanites quickly go to work, rebuilding his brain and then the rest of his body, unexpectedly reviving Angelo but erasing his memory in the process. The nanites now fully control Angelo’s body (manipulating blood flow, adrenaline levels etc.) giving him augmented reflexes and strength, enhanced hearing; the ability to heal rapidly, and control of electronic devices. Angry, violent and unsure of what he has become, he escapes. Taking the name Bloodshot, he begins the process of piecing together who he was.

I like that Vaughn is fully financing the production himself, because that means he'll have complete creative control over the film. Although it is a somewhat risky move, it is a calculated risk. If you'll recall, Vaughn did the same thing with Kick-Ass, and studios were practically lining up to fight over distribution rights after footage premiered at Comic-Con this past summer. It would be nice if the same thing happened for Vaughn again with Bloodshot.

Valiant Comics' Bloodshot

What do you think? Does this movie sound interesting to you? Are you very familiar with the original Bloodshot comic book?

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