Matthew Vaughn Not Passing on X-Men: First Class?

On Friday we reported the news that Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn had been offered the director's job for X-Men: First Class, but shortly thereafter it was reported that he was passing on the opportunity.

Other names were thrown into the mix to take on X-Men: First Class, including Daniel Espinosa, Louis Leterrier, Jonathan Mostow, David Slade, Rupert Sanders, Timur Bekmambetov and Carl Erick Rinsch, but now it seems Vaughn is back in negotiations to take over the spot Bryan Singer was originally set for.

After endless speculation and talk, Bryan Singer was brought back into the fold to help point Fox's X-Men franchise in the right direction for producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who kept a strong relationship with the director over the years. Singer was set to helm the X-Men prequel, a film about the first mutants that form the X-Men team under Professor X's guidance, but was forced out due to previous obligation to Warner Bros. to director Jack the Giant Killer.

We had heard at the time that there were a few names in consideration to takeover the job, names that fans could get excited about and Matthew Vaughn was one of them.

Vaughn of course was hired to direct X-Men 3 after Singer dropped out of that one a few years back but dropped out himself for a variety of reasons. He swears now that his movie would of been a lot better than what Brett Ratner did with the franchise and I believe him.

The news of Vaughn back in talks for X-Men: First Class comes from Deadline, who are exclusively reporting that interviews were canceled today once Vaughn was back in the picture and that his reps are close to signing a deal.

If Singer's not directing, Vaughn is a great choice to take his place and I sincerely wish one of them did X-Men 3 back when they had the chance so we wouldn't be where we are today. It's clear Fox is trying to win the fans back with the decisions to bring Singer back and to bring in Vaughn to direct now.

What do you think about Matthew Vaughn, the man who demands creative freedom and who was hired to direct an X-Men movie previously, being brought in to direct X-Men: First Class?

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Sources: Cinematical, Deadline

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