Kingsman Director Matthew Vaughn Circling Sci-Fi Project Courage

Matthew Vaughn, best-known for directing the wildly over-the-top Kingsman films, is reportedly set to produce and possibly direct the mysterious science-fiction project Courage for 20th Century Fox. Vaughn's most recent film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, divided both critics and fans and was only a moderate hit with $394 million at the global box office. Nevertheless, Kingsman 3 is likely coming after the events of The Golden Circle.

Vaughn has a good thing going with his spy-thriller action series Kingsman, but the director has also been casting his eye about in search of other projects. Most ambitiously (or perhaps foolishly), Vaughn has said he would like to take another crack at Fantastic Four, even though the last cinematic foray for the comic book quartet was a major disaster. Before Kingsman took over his world, Vaughn adapted Mark Millar's subversive superhero comic Kick-Ass, and also directed the more straight-forward franchise entry X-Men: First Class. However, it now appears that science-fiction could be in Vaughn's future instead of superheroes.

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According to Deadline, Vaughn is circling the 20th Century Fox sci-fi project Courage, which the studio acquired last June. Written by Stranger Things executive producer Karl Gajdusek, Courage is described as an epic in the vein of Inception and Edge of Tomorrow. Vaughn would produce through his Marv Films banner alongside Michael Ellenberg through Media Res, with Matt Reilly running things for Fox.

Mark Strong and Matthew Vaughn

Vaughn previously expressed interest in adapting the sci-fi classic Flash Gordon, which was last made into a feature film in 1980, but saw his plans go by the wayside when the similarly-toned Guardians of the Galaxy exploded into the cinematic universe. With Flash Gordon apparently dead, Vaughn may be seeking out a different sci-fi project to realize, and Courage sounds like it could be just the thing.

Though details about Courage are being kept completely secret, hints about the project tone and theme-wise might possibly be gleaned by considering writer Karl Gajdusek's previous sci-fi movie - the Tom Cruise epic Oblivion directed by Joseph Kosinski, from a script by Gajdusek and Michael Arndtbased on Kosinski's own graphic novel idea. Set on a post-apocalyptic earth drained of resources and people, Oblivion stars Cruise as a lonely drone repairman who comes to question his mission after discovering a crashed spaceship. Courage being described as similar to Inception or Edge of Tomorrow also suggests there will be some element of reality or time-bending in the story.

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Source: Deadline

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