Matthew Fox To Quit TV After 'Lost'

Matthew Fox, who plays flawed hero Dr Jack Shepherd in TV's phenominal Lost, has said he expects to stop acting in TV once Lost has come to its end after its sixth season next year. His contract keeps him on the show until the end, so any die hard fans (such as myself) can rest assured his wanting to get out of TV won't affect his future within the show.

Fox said: "I'm pretty sure that will be the last television thing that I will do." And in talking about his character he added: "We didn't want Jack to be a classic archetype of a hero, riding in to save the day. People aren't that way. People have flaws and heroism comes from rising above those flaws."

In looking forward to his future in acting, Fox let us know that he'd love to play Steve McQueen in a biopic about him (a project which has already been announced but still lacks a star - maybe it'll swing Fox's way). He said: "Steve McQueen was pretty f**king cool. He was an action guy and a man of few words and he liked his roles like that."

Those who call these modern times their main exposure to all things TV may think that Lost is the only thing that Fox has appeared in TV wise. But some of you may remember that he has been working in TV for quite some time, with his first appearance being in the early '90s. However Lost has undoubtedly given him the role that he will be remembered for (at least for a good few years), and with the amount of time he's spent working both in it and his other earlier shows, I can fully understand his desire to make the (presumably permanent) jump to movies.

As a lot of you may already know, Fox has been slowly building a decent movie resume for himself over the last couple of years, with roles in such things as Vantage Point, Smokin' Aces (blink and you'll miss him), Speed Racer and We Are Marshall. Okay... so maybe he hasn't made the best role choices when it comes to movies - they're not terrible, but certainly not as good as his acting ability warrants.

Let's hope once Lost finishes that he shops around a bit more before committing to a role.

What do you think of Fox leaving TV? Should he set his sights completely on the movie world or should he keep his options fully open, including still doing TV work?

Source: News24

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