Wonder Woman Gets SDCC Exclusive Super Hero Girls Figure

Toy manufacturing company Mattel has announced the release of two DC superhero figures based on female superheroes Wonder Woman and Cheetah Girl as an exclusive at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. With Wonder Woman setting the movie world on fire, it is probable that DC's merchandising numbers have skyrocketed since the film was released earlier this month, especially for children's toys. With the character being one of the first major female leads in a superhero movie, there's a unique window of marketability available for the manufacturers to sell toys to girls who saw the film and want to be like Diana Prince.

Young female fans who will be attending San Diego Comic-Con next month will have a chance to have those wishes fulfilled, as Barbie manufacturer Mattel will be exclusively selling a Wonder Woman figure at the convention. The figure comes in a two-pack of 12-inch Super Hero Girls figures featuring the Amazonian warrior and her longtime nemesis Cheetah. As far as accessories go, Wonder Woman comes equipped with her lasso and shield, but no sword. Meanwhile, the Cheetah figure gets a stylish outfit and a cell phone.

The design of the figures certainly resemble the dollish Barbie look, with the big expressive eyes and lips on the face and the unrealistically skinny body figure in the waist area. There has been some controversy about the portrayal of prominent and strong major female characters in the past, particularly in the cleaned-up, sexualized redesign of Merida from Pixar's Brave and the lack of available toys for Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This Wonder Woman figure only slightly resembles Gal Gadot's screen version, getting to retain a few of her signature weapons but adding a skirt and a cape that is nowhere to be found in the movie. You can see the pictures below:

To be fair, the designs are not meant to be based on the film, but just as a part of a girl-centric lineup of DC toys. Little girls who saw Wonder Woman are not going to be so critical of the character changes and will probably love just to have a doll of one of their new favorite superheroes. Still, for the film to directly address how impractical it can be to fight in traditional women's wear, this figure's outfit stands out.

The figures can be pre-ordered by interested convention goers starting today on Mattel's website, where it can be picked up at the company's display at any time from July 20th-23rd. Right now, the two-pack is going for $45 dollars.

Wonder Woman is now playing in U.S. theaters.

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