First Look At Matt Smith As Doctor Who

When Northampton-born Matt Smith was announced as the new Doctor Who, the reactions from Screen Rant readers ranged from approval to disdain.  The age of the then 26-year-old actor dismayed some old-school fans while others, having faith in the casting call, are looking to take a wait-and-see approach.

Shooting has started for the new Doctor Who and as you can see, there in Cardiff, that's how Matt Smith is going to look as the good Doctor.  Focus folks...  yes, that's the Doctor's new companion, Karen Gillian.

Again, we need to have some faith and see how it goes.  As I've recently discovered, actor interpretation and writing can really make or break a show.  I suggest patience until we see a few episodes with Matt Smith in it.

The new Doctor Who will be meeting his new companion in the first episode of the new season which airs in the spring of 2010 and being written by Steven Moffat.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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