Doctor Who: 10 Funniest Eleventh Doctor Moments

BBC's Doctor Who has an excellent evergreen quality due to the number of regenerations for the Doctor. Every incarnation has a distinct personality, and the Eleventh Doctor is generally considered to be the most awkwardly funny one. 

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Over the course of his life (and he lived for over 1,200 years), the Eleventh Doctor developed a snarky quality that presented itself in high-pressure situations, along with his innate awkward nature giving away for moments that made the viewer laugh at how clueless he was. With this in mind, here are 10 of the funniest moments of the Eleventh Doctor.

10 Telling Rory To Put Hitler In The Cupboard

The arrival of Mels veered the TARDIS off course and landed the Doctor, Amy, and Rory in the Fuhrer of Germany’s office, accidentally saving him from being killed by a time-traveling police force. When the trio realized what they’ve done, we began a few of the most awkward moments from the show.

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The Doctor, in particular, was initially speechless at how he just saved the most evil man in history, before regaining his composure and treating Hitler like trash. He began ignoring the Fuhrer’s pathetic attempts at showing dominance, and instructed Rory to tell Hitler to shut up and seal him in a cupboard where he stayed trapped in for the rest of the episode.

9 His Failed Attempt At A Catchphrase

Right after he regenerated, the Doctor was still finding out what his new personality was going to be like, and he experimented around with how he would talk. Now that he was in the body of a much younger man, the Doctor figured he would act like one. 

However, he only came across like an old man pretending to be young when he exclaimed “Who Da Man!?” to a room comprising of Amy, Rory, and a murderous alien, with none of them reacting the way he wanted them to. Realizing he sounded extremely lame, the Doctor claimed he would never say that again - and he never did.

8 Getting The Call From Clara

Unable to find the real version of Clara Oswald across time, the Doctor retreated to 1207 and lived as a monk, when the TARDIS phone rang. His fellow monk was thunderstruck when the weird contraption the Doctor spoke into had the voice of a woman, but the Doctor excitedly time-traveled to the present for Clara.

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When he wasn’t given the warm welcome he expected, the Doctor took to admiring his reflection in the mirror next to Clara to confirm if he still looked good. It was one of the more cute moments that the Eleventh Doctor was known for, coupled with how his awkwardness was freaking Clara out.

7 Denying He Kissed Amy's Back

After Amy overcame her trauma at dealing with the Weeping Angels, she tried to come on to the Doctor despite being scheduled to marry Rory the next morning. In order to stop her, the Doctor plucked Rory out and took him along to keep Amy company.

When Rory found out that Amy had kissed the Doctor, he asked if the Doctor had kissed her back. The Doctor’s response was just the kind of clueless one you’d expect from the Eleventh when he replied that he didn’t kiss her back - he kissed her mouth.

6 Kissing And Then Immediately Slapping Rory

It was Rory’s turn to be kissed by the Doctor here when the elated Eleventh Doctor couldn’t keep his enthusiasm to himself. When Rory suggested to access the collapsing ship’s interface and use its defense system, the Doctor leaped with excitement and planted a big kiss on Rory’s lips.

This out of the blue sentiment didn’t last too long, though, as the Doctor’s happiness turned into annoyance when the ship responded that there was no defense system, leading the Doctor to slap Rory on each cheek for suggesting useless advice and getting his hopes up.

5 The Doctor Plays Football

Some people are just gifted at everything, and the Doctor just happens to be so competent, in such a larger than life manner, that you'd think he was a comic book character. As it happened, the undercover Doctor was invited by his roommate Craig to play football with him and his friends, where the Eleventh Doctor turned out to be an absolute pro.

The funny part came with how impossibly amazing the Doctor was at football, as he single-handedly scored about a dozen goals and stole Craig’s thunder. The most hilarious moment of all was when Craig ran all the way to hit a penalty kick, only for the Doctor jump in before him and score another goal.

4 Getting Married To Marilyn Monroe

The awkward charm of the Eleventh Doctor turned out to be hard to resist for a number of ladies, one of which includes Marilyn Monroe of all people. When the Doctor took Abigail and Kazran around time for their date, he found himself engaged to be married to Monroe.

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His attempts to get out of it failed, since Abigail and Kazran were too busy kissing to hear a word of the Doctor’s ramblings right next to them about how they had to hurry before he was forced to get married. Ultimately, the Doctor just gave up and went on to marry Monroe.

3 Every Time He Saw A Fez

We just couldn’t pick one instance of the Eleventh Doctor’s love for fezzes, as each moment was equally funny. For some reason, a fez was the one thing the Doctor would stop anything for, and each time he came across it he would get giddy with excitement like a child.

In one instance, the Doctor was so adamant about deciding he would wear a fez, that Amy had to snatch and throw it in the air for River Song to shoot and destroy. His love for fezzes was shared by his Tenth incarnation as well, with whom he had a bonding moment thanks to the fez in question.

2 The Doctor Gets Bored

The Doctor never stops for anyone, and he’s come across as a jerk for this reason too, but there were times when he had no choice but to wait around. That came about in this episode, where the Eleventh Doctor needed to be patient to uncover the nature behind mysterious cubes. 

In order to pass the time and prevent himself from losing his mind from boredom, he took to juggling a football (apparently a million times), painting an entire fence, vacuuming Amy and Rory’s whole house, mowing the lawn, and even then he found out he’d done all of that in just an hour; this caused the Doctor to suffer another meltdown.

1 His Exchange With "Sandshoes And Granddad"

The Doctor claims he hates himself, so whenever he comes across his past or future versions he’s less than thrilled. And so, the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors had a bit of a sparring session when they came across one another, where they threw some insults at each other’s styles.

When the War Doctor joined, the Eleventh came up with appropriate nicknames for his counterparts by calling out the old-looking War Doctor as “Granddad”, and the Tenth as “Sandshoes” for wearing sneakers with a suit. The scene got funnier when the Tenth named the Eleventh as “Chinny” for his long chin, and the War Doctor admonished him for flapping his hands about all the time.

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