Matt Reeves Set To Direct 'This Dark Endeavor'

Let Me In didn't exactly light up the box office last fall, but writer/director Matt Reeves has experienced no difficulty in getting hired on for additional work. Now he is reportedly set to (at some point) helm yet another supernatural horror film - This Dark Endeavor, a prequel of sorts that explores the history of Victor Frankenstein prior to his days of violating the laws of nature.

Certain readers will recall that this isn't the only in-development project that Reeves has been connected to of late. He's also in line to write and direct an adaptation of the sci-fi paranoia thriller "8 O'Clock in the Morning" (a.k.a. the short story that inspired They Live) and call the shots on an adaptation of the post-apocalyptic vampire tale, The Passage.

Kenneth Oppel's not-yet-released novel "This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein" tells the story of how young Victor set out on a quest to create the Elixir of Life and save his gravely-ill twin brother, Konrad. Victor not only grows closer to his best friend Elizabeth along the way, he also become increasingly obsessed with alchemy - and the idea of defeating the incurable disease that is death.

Dark Endeavor will be scripted by Jacob Estes, who also penned the horror flick Mean Creek and this year's Sundance Film Festival entry, The Details. Whether Reeves plans to move ahead next with either this project or one of the other two adaptations he's become associated with recently is not yet clear.

However, between Reeves' increasingly packed to-do list and J.J. Abrams getting prepped to helm Star Trek 2, one thing seems obvious: Those holding out hope that Cloverfield 2 could happen in the relatively near future are bound to be frustrated by all this.

Let Me In Review

Reeves is an increasingly well-respected auteur who may only be one for two at the box office, but is 100% when it comes to the critical reception for his feature-length directorial efforts (and yes, I am ignoring The Pallbearer from back in 1996). He's proven himself adept at crafting atmospheric and thrilling - yet intelligent - horror tales about gigantic monsters and adolescent vampire love stories - and we all know how badly films that fit those descriptions can turn out.

Hence why Reeves' involvement with This Dark Endeavor is arguably a big plus - especially since the film adaptation of Oppel's unpublished novel is being produced by Karen Rosenfelt (Twilight). That's an immediate red flag that indicates Summit could have plans to once appeal appeal to the Tween crowd by emphasizing the love triangle subplot in the Dark Endeavor movie - and thus taking away from the more interesting aspects of the story (the main adventure plot and Victor Frankenstein's character arc).

Hiring Reeves to direct This Dark Endeavor seems like a move in the opposite direction, suggesting the project will (naturally) be more akin in tone to Let Me In - and less like Red Riding Hood. Now we just have to wait and see if this is the project Reeves moves forward with next.

Source: Summit Entertainment

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