The Batman: Matt Reeves Reveals His Favorite Batman Comics

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The Batman director, Matt Reeves, has revealed his favorite Batman comics. The status of Batman in the world of cinema is somewhat unclear at present. After Christopher Nolan's ground-breaking, self-contained The Dark Knight trilogy, Warner Bros. cast Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader to appear in their DC Extended Universe. But after appearances in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League and a cameo in Suicide Squad, fan reaction to "Batfleck" remains decidedly mixed and reports began to emerge questioning whether the actor would continue in the role.

The plot thickened with the announcement of The Batman. Initially billed as the DCEU's Affleck-starring Batman solo movie, the actor was also set to direct the movie but eventually stepped down, with Matt Reeves taking over behind the camera. Although Affleck is still assumed to be starring in The Batman, rumors surrounding potential replacements have been abound, with Jake Gyllenhaal recently denying his involvement. There have also been conflicting reports as to how closely The Batman will be attached to the wider DCEU, or whether it will operate mostly as a standalone movie.

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While there are certainly a lot of unknowns surrounding The Batman, Matt Reeves has now potentially revealed which comic books could inspire the movie, as he listed his favorite Batman stories. Responding to a question from @4eyedRaven on Twitter, the director named Year One, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory and Ego before singling out Neal Adams, as well as creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger, as preferred creatives.

Focusing on Reeves' picks, the quartet of comics are certainly an intriguing selection. The likes of Year One and The Long Halloween are frequent inclusions on fans' lists of best Bat-tales but Ego represents a more outlandish choice, with that story acting as a deep dive into Bruce Wayne's fragile psyche. Certainly, Reeves has an obvious love of the Frank Miller Year One Batman, with The Long Halloween and its sequel Dark Victory existing within the same continuity and this is something Nolan also took cues from.

Of course, just because these comics are Matt Reeves' favorites, that doesn't necessarily mean they will form the foundation of The Batman, however it would be strange for the director's most loved stories not to inspire his movie adaptation at all. As such, Reeves' selection perhaps gives fans some idea of the type of Batman and the type of Batman story that will feature in The Batman. Although these comics perhaps represent the darker side of the Batman character, the name-checking of Adams, Kane and Finger demonstrates an affinity for the superhero's more light-hearted tales too, perhaps suggesting that The Batman won't end up being as gritty and brooding as Wade Wilson would have you believe.

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Source: Matt Reeves (via Twitter)

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