Matt Reeves Wishes Batman a Happy Birthday And Teases New Bat Symbol

Matt Reeves The Batman Logo

The Batman director Matt Reeves has wished a happy birthday to the iconic comic book character on social media - and also slyly offered a sneak peek at the movie's logo. Following the mixed successes of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, Ben Affleck is stepping down from the role of Bruce Wayne, and a new actor will be cast in Reeves' movie. Other than that, though, we still know very little.

Part of Warner Bros. revised plan for the DC Extended Universe, The Batman is set for release in summer 2021 and is expected to begin filming in December 2019. The original plan was that Affleck would write, direct, and star in the movie, but Affleck has said that he "couldn't crack it," and decided to move aside and let Reeves take over. Actors like Armie Hammer and Oscar Isaac have been rumored to be in talks to play the new Bruce Wayne, but so far there's been no official casting news.

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Perhaps guessing that Batman fans are desperate for any news about the upcoming movie, Reeves took to Twitter with what at first seems like an innocuous happy birthday to Batman. Detective Comics Issue #27, the first canonical appearance of Batman, was published 80 years, and Reeves' photo shows his own personal copy of the comic that started it all. However, look in the background and you'll see something much more intriguing: what appears to be a copy of the script for The Batman, with a logo that - though out of focus - looks exactly like the original version of the Batman comics logo.

The positioning of that logo in the background is obviously not accidental, but does this mean that The Batman will actually return to using that classic chunky Bat-symbol, or is it just a placeholder? The logo was designed by Jerry Robinson in 1940 and first seen on the cover of Batman #1, after the character's popularity in Detective Comics had earned him his own comic book series. The logo in the background of Reeves' photo looks just like Robinson's design albeit without the detailing.

While Reeves may simply be paying homage to Batman's roots for this one birthday tweet, it also makes sense that Warner Bros. would want to return to the core of the character after director Zack Snyder's darker and more violent Batman (who was based mainly on the version of the character in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns) proved divisive. One rumor suggested that The Batman's plot will primarily be based around Batman's detective skills rather than his punching skills, so what better place to look for inspiration than Detective Comics?

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