Simpsons Creator Matt Groening Working on New Netflix Animated Series

Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening is in talks with Netflix to create a new animated series for the streaming service.

The Simpsons - Matt Groening

At over 28 years old, The Simpsons has become a television institution. Having debuted on The Tracy Ullman Show in 1987 and spun off into its own series in 1989, the show has inspired many imitators, an entire industry of bootleg t-shirts, several albums, and a movie. And in the process, it has made its creator, Matt Groening, something of a household name.

With no end to the series in sight, it would be easy for Groening to rest on his laurels and rake in the massive amount of merchandising cash that must be coming his way. Instead, Groening has gone on to create the sci-fi animated series Futurama, which itself lasted seven seasons across two TV networks. While Futurama has now been canceled several times (and this time apparently for good), that is not the end for Groening's animation ambitions.

Deadline is reporting that Groening now has a new potential series in the works. According to the report, The Simpsons creator is "in talks" with Netflix for them to pick up the series, although specifics about the series are "being kept under wraps."

F Is for Family Bill Murphy puking

Netflix is already home to a number of original animated series, including Bojack Horseman and the recently released F Is for FamilyBringing his new series to the streaming service allows Groening greater creative freedom than he had with network television, as well as the opportunity to create a series that is more adult-oriented. Netflix, in turn, gets an exclusive from one of the most respected names in animation. It is a win-win for both sides, as well as for fans of Groening's work.

Longtime fans of The Simpsons have been grumbling about its decline in quality to varying degrees for several years now, but like any long-time series, it has had its ebbs and flows. It has hit a few high points recently, and even included a Futurama crossover last season. The crossover was a reminder that Groening has more up his sleeve than just America's #1 dysfunctional animated family. Futurama, while having a similar character style, was arguably advanced beyond The Simpsons in terms of both writing and animation. Hopefully that trend will continue with whatever Groening has planned next, and fans will be treated to a new show that is just as good as his past two shows were in their heyday.

With any luck, details on the new series won't remain scarce for very long, as either Netflix or Groening himself may see fit to drop a few hints as to what the series will be. Netflix is scheduled to have a panel at the 2016 TCA press tour on Sunday, January 17, so there is a good chance that an announcement will be made then.

Screen Rant will keep you updated with news regarding Matt Groening's new show as news develops.

Source: Deadline

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