The Matrix: 5 Things That Make No Sense In The Original Film (& 5 Fan Theories That Do)

Fan theories about The Matrix are there to help us as we look back at the original film and find some things that simply do not make any sense.

With the announcement that The Matrix 4 will be arriving in the near future, the hype has brought forward a number of questions fans had left dormant for years. Since this universe is going to be opened up again soon, we’re hoping some of the things that don’t make sense receive clarification.

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However, there are many fan theories across multiple mediums on the internet that have given us great explanations and intriguing twists that add up if you think about. In this list, we’ve considered the issues and fan theories primarily from the first film, but have also considered the consequences of the events from this movie that were seen in the whole trilogy.

10 Makes No Sense: The Agents Could've Just Taken Over Neo

Separating the people still plugged into the Matrix from the people who weren't was that the agents could take over the body of a person who didn’t know they were connected in the Matrix and then leave them for dead.

But this bright idea didn’t strike the agents for some reason even after they found out Neo’s identity. Instead, they put a bug in him and tossed him out. Wouldn’t it have been prudent to just get rid of this guy by taking over his body and killing him? That sounds easy as heck, but it didn’t come up even as a suggestion by anyone despite Neo still having been a part of the Matrix by that point.

9 Theory: The Matrix Was Imaginary

How out-of-the-blue was it that Neo’s life was turned around and he found out his existence was a fake? That’s too out there to be true, and this theory agrees by taking it further and suggesting that Neo imagined the whole thing. 

The red and blue pills signified him choosing between going clean from his drug habits or continuing to use and remain in the figment of his imagination. Since Neo’s life was a total loser-fest, he made it all up in his head while under the influence to convince himself his existence had some meaning.

8 Makes No Sense: How Did Cypher Meet Smith?

While there’s no doubt this guy makes eating steak look heavenly, Cypher being in cahoots with Smith can’t make sense since there’s no way he could’ve plugged himself into the Matrix without arousing suspicion. 

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Even if he found out a way to hide himself, it begs the question how he even got out of the Matrix if Tank was the one responsible for this job. Are we to believe Cypher could do all that stuff while everyone on board was sleeping? While we’re on that, we’d also like to know how Cypher managed to make that steak looks so juicy and delicious if it wasn’t real - now that’s the real mystery.

7 Theory: Smith Is The Real One

You’ll recall the ending of The Matrix, where Neo jumped into Smith and caused him to explode. His death didn’t work out as expected, though, as he was back in the sequels by refusing to be deleted. This theory tries to shed light on that by arguing this scene was where the One was truly born.

Rather than Neo being the One, he was actually the “father” of Smith, with the Oracle being the mother as she saw how Smith would come back. Had Neo not set Smith up for deletion, then he wouldn’t have come back and be connected to the Source, which then wouldn’t have allowed Zion to be free. This way, the One wasn't the hero at all, but the villain that would usher in the end of the war between the machines and the free humans.

6 Makes No Sense: The Human Battery Solution

Are we to believe the A.I. of the kind we saw in The Matrix couldn’t have come up with another source of power other than humans after centuries? It’s hard to believe the machines didn’t figure out a way to clear the skies with all the time they had; even harder is the fact that they didn’t bother with different kinds of power sources.

After all, nobody said that only humans had to be used as batteries, since other animals could also have been employed. There are a greater number of cattle around the world, which would’ve also eliminated the possibility of a revolution the way the people from Zion put up.

5 Theory: The Matrix Is Like Inception

Remember that Chris Nolan movie that took the world by storm back in 2010? Well, this theory figures that Inception wasn’t the first film to come up with the concept of worlds being stored within other worlds. While Inception had the human mind, The Matrix had new interfaces.

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This means that Neo being found as the One in the first film was the Matrix diving deeper into its possibilities, rather than the Architect’s suggestion in the next film being true that the system was rebooted. The world in the first movie was nestled within larger Matrix worlds, which suggests that there could be prequels to The Matrix that would show us how we got to the events of that movie.

4 Makes No Sense: Why Is The Matrix In A Specific Year?

We’ve found quite a bit to laugh about The Matrix over the years, and it’s also laughable how we’re supposed to believe the Matrix was stuck in the year 1999 with nobody noticing. Even more bizarre is that there’s no point for the machines to keep this as the main year in the first place.

After all, it’s actually 2199 during the events of the movie, meaning placing the Matrix 200 years prior has no justification, especially considering the time when humanity fell was well after 1999. Having the year that we saw in the Matrix has no bearing other than the fact that the movie came out then in our real world.

3 Theory: Neo Never Left The Matrix

The person behind this theory went straight to the point by arguing that Neo never left the Matrix after his supposed demise in the first movie. Rather than return to the real world after being plugged out as we saw at the end of the film, Neo’s consciousness remained there. 

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In its place, it appears the theory is pointing out that the Superman-like powers he received in the real world by the time of The Matrix Revolutions were all simulations that were happening in the digital world, and we were made to believe otherwise because we were following Neo’s point of view. This would hint that Morpheus, Trinity, and the others likely died at the hands of the machines as well.

2 Makes No Sense: Morpheus Being Sure That Neo Was The One

Morpheus received much flak from his peers for relentlessly believing that Neo was the One and having no evidence to back it up, and we’ll have to agree with this non-believers because Morpheus wasn’t shown having any clue that pointed out to Neo.

We simply saw him approach Neo and make him believe he was the One, but we didn’t see how Morpheus tracked Neo down and came upon the realization that this guy was indeed the person he was looking for.

1 Theory: Cypher Was Driven Mad By The Oracle

Cypher’s betrayal is given some reasoning in this theory, where the suggestion is that the Oracle told him that the One would die. Due to this, Cypher figured everything that Morpheus had them do was futile since the One wasn’t supposed to live.

Following this revelation, Cypher descended into madness as he realized Trinity being in love with Neo would mean the latter would live, thereby not making him the One; Neo dying would mean Morpheus’ beliefs had no point. To this end, Cypher went crazy debating all these dead ends and decided to kill Neo and effectively finish these scenarios. All because the Oracle cursed him with knowledge.

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