The Matrix: Zak Penn Explains What's Going on With The Franchise

Zak Penn clarified how his screenplay for a new movie set in the world of The Matrix is not a reboot. In just two years, the movie The Matrix will be twenty years old. Technology has changed massively in these last two decades. When the film was first released DVDs were a brand new way to watch movies, online communication was in chat rooms and message boards instead of on social media, and cell phones were just phones. With so many technological changes in the last few years, some have felt that The Matrix needed a reboot - a film which kept pace with today's technology - while others feel the original film is better left alone.

Zak Penn is writing the screenplay for the first live-action film in the franchise since the trilogy concluded in 2003 with The Matrix Revolutions. Months ago he stated that the movie he was writing was not a remake or a reboot. In fact, he voiced the opinion that no one could ever remake The Matrix and he certainly did not plan on trying. But with so many movies being remade and series being rebooted, some of which are as recent as The Matrix is, it's no wonder that fans still think the upcoming film is going to start the series over again.

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So Penn took to Twitter today to explain where he is with the screenplay, and to give a little bit of a hint as to what kind of film he is writing:

1) Re: the Matrix, yes I’m writing something. Not a reboot, not a continuation, watch Animatrix, read comics to see what wachowskis did

— Zak Penn (@zakpenn) October 6, 2017

2) a script in development is not a movie. No casting, director, style can be discussed yet. Nothing to see here folks...yet.

— Zak Penn (@zakpenn) October 6, 2017

3) no need to put actors or anyone on the spot, because there’s nothing there yet. No reboot or reimagining, no recasting involved.

— Zak Penn (@zakpenn) October 6, 2017

4) and this is not the point in process that those decisions get made. So many hoops to jump through, the first one I gotta do myself.

— Zak Penn (@zakpenn) October 6, 2017

While Penn makes it very clear that he cannot discuss details in terms of plot, casting, or really much of anything at this point, his mention of both The Animatrix and the comics are a pretty big clue in and of themselves. The Animatrix was a movie made of short anime films all set within the universe of The Matrix but telling stories from different time periods and character perspectives. The comics do something similar as well.

So it is possible, based on these tweets, that Penn is writing an anthology series. That might mean several short stories being made into one single film, like The Animatrix. Or that he is planning a series of films, with the first movie focusing on a single story set in the universe and planned sequels telling other stories. This could also explain why original trilogy star Keanu Reeves stated at New York Comic Con that he knows nothing about the Matrix reboot. If Penn's plan is to tell the stories of other characters and not Neo, Reeves will have little to no involvement at all.

Whatever Penn has up his sleeve, there will be a bit of a wait before fans find out. So in the meantime, it may be worth re-watching The Matrix and its sequels to reorient to the universe. Screen Rant will continue to provide updates as information about Penn's contribution to the franchise becomes known.

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