15 Actors Who Could Play The Lead In The Matrix Revival

The Matrix - Blu-ray cover

From George Miller's Mad Max series, to the recently popular John Wick films, many action movies seem to have one sole purpose; to entertain. Whether it be through their over the top spectacle, an all-star cast of actors, or through a riveting storyline], action films appeal to a wide variety of audiences. But every now and again some action movies not only change the course of the action genre, but cinema in general. One of such film was the Wachowskis' The Matrix.

The Matrix quickly gained a large cult following after its initial release, as audiences became obsessed with the world that the Wachowskis had created. Over time, critics and film buffs alike began to notice that The Matrix was actually incredibly well made. Revolutionizing special effects and visuals for action/science fiction films, The Matrix charted new cinematic territory. And with the recent announcement of the series being rebooted, fans are left with a lot of questions. Who should direct? What purpose does the reboot serve? In fact, some fans are quite upset by the reboot announcement.

Today we take a look at the bright side of the reboot, as we take a look at 15 Actors Who Could Play The Lead In The Matrix Reboot!

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Miles Teller in Fantastic Four
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15 Miles Teller

Miles Teller in Fantastic Four

Miles Teller has been quite the up-and-coming movie star recently, proving that he can not only tackle more indie roles, but also some larger big-budget parts. Teller starred in several theater productions and short films before making his feature film debut in the film Rabbit Hole in 2010. After Rabbit Hole, Teller appeared as a supporting role in the remake of the popular '80s film, Footloose. Teller would go on to do a few more supporting roles, appearing in Project X, 21 & Over, and That Awkward Moment.

It did take some time before Teller began to tackle some leading roles. His first bigger role was in The Spectacular Now, but he really stepped into the spotlight with the 2014 film, Whiplash. Since then Teller has been eyed for bigger budget films, like Fantastic Four in 2015. In 2016, Teller starred in two bigger studio films War Dogs and Bleed for This, continuing to show off his talents. Proving that he is still a young and growing talent, Teller would be a great low-risk pick for the new Matrix lead.

14 Diego Luna

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Rogue One A Star Wars Story Rebellion Rebel Alliance

Diego Luna is an incredibly talented actor who has been around for quite sometime, but has only recently stepped into the spotlight. From an early age, Luna always wanted to be an actor, first starring in many telenovelas. Luna appeared in his first feature film Morena in 1995, and would continue to appear in many Spanish language films in the early half of his career. Some of his more popular appearances (English and Spanish language alike) include Before Night Falls, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Frida, and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

Luna began making more of a name for himself in American cinema, he appeared in Gus Van Sants' Milk, and would go on to have a supporting role in the science fiction film Elysium. Most recently Luna starred in Rogue One, proving that he does have the acting chops of an action star. Slowly but surely becoming a force to be reckoned with, Diego Luna has proved that he can handle several different roles including action ones.

13 Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan in Civil War

Sebastian Stan is a rising action star. Despite only having a few roles under his belt, he's still proven he has quite the talent. Known mainly for his role as Bucky, aka The Winter Soldier, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stan appeared in several theatre performances before eventually taking his shot at film. His first feature film appearance was in Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding in 2004. Stan first started out with smaller supporting roles, not really getting a chance to flex his acting muscles, and starred in the TV series Kings and Political Animals.

Stan was cast as Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger, but it was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that he really got to show off his abilities. He not only that he has quite the acting talent, but also has a good handle on fight performances as well. Sebastian Stan could be a fun, yet still not widely well-known choice for the popular character.

12 Jon Foo

Jon Foo

Jon Foo is the literal definition of a pure action star. Taking part in roles that are strictly based around his martial arts and fighting abilities, Foo hasn't necessarily attempted to go beyond his obvious physical talents. Foo was born in London, where he began learning kung-fu at the age of eight years old. Foo now resides in Los Angeles, doing many stunts for other actors but also starring in his own films on the side as well.

Foo's feature film appearance was in House of Fury in 2005, where he immediately was able to show off his stunts and fighting skills. Though Foo has not appeared in many larger studio films, he still has made quite the name for himself on a smaller scale, his most popular appearance being in an adaptation of the popular video game Tekken.

Foo has the martial arts ability that he could help the filmmakers re-create the action of The Matrix with less CGI. Though Foo lacks a bit in popularity, he could absolutely make up in sheer talent.

11 Trevante Rhodes

Trevante Rhodes in Moonlight

Trevante Rhodes is a brand new face on the acting scene who would fit perfectly into the shoes of the One. Being much more of a low risk choice considering how little acting gigs he has actually had, Rhodes still has proven that he has quite the talent.

Rhodes was quite the athlete in both high school and college, playing both football and track and field. After Rhodes graduated college, he immediately moved to Los Angeles searching for acting gigs. Rhodes makes his feature film appearance in The Night is Young in 2015, an indie comedy/romance film. Rhodes' most well known appearance was in the 2016 best picture winner Moonlight, where he was allowed to show off how talented he actually is. He will appear in Shane Black's The Predator in 2018. Rhodes is a fresh new actor who's shown his emotional capabilities, and also has what it takes to appear in an action flick.

10 Donald Glover

Donald Glover in Atlanta

Donald Glover has been one of the busiest entertainers over the past few years, from starring in films to creating his own television show, and even creating rap albums. Known also as "Childish Gambino", Donald Glover has been one of the most successful and talented entertainers to break out over the past few years. He's received a ton of critical praise for his comedy performance on the show Community, and even won two Golden Globes, for creating and starring in Atlanta.

Glover made his first feature film appearance in Mystery Team in 2009, an indie crime comedy. Glover is set to star in an unknown part in Spider-Man: Homecoming, he is also signed on to star as young Lando Calrissian in the standalone Han Solo film. Glover has a great indie actor vibe about him and he brings something quite refreshing to the table. He could add a different level to the Matrix reboot that would be both unexpected and exciting.

9 Iko Uwais

Iko Uwais in The Raid

Making for the second all-star action expert on this list, Iko Uwais brings something incredibly similar to the table as what Jon Foo has to offer. As a talented martial artist, Uwais proves that he has all of the ability to be a popular action star, though he has not quite received the larger roles to place him in that spotlight. Uwais was born in Jakarta, Indonesia where he began learning martial arts from a rather young age.

Uwais' first feature film appearance was in Merantau in 2009, an indie martial arts action film. Uwais was discovered by director Gareth Evans who said that Uwais had incredible charisma and fantastic camera presence. Uwais' more popular appearances are in the two The Raid films, a popular action film series also directed by Gareth Evans. Uwais' has the perfect on-screen presence that could encapsulate the Chosen One character, and can deliver on the action side as well.

8 Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck has lived in his older brothers shadow for quite sometime. Now that Ben has taken up the mantle of a large budget action hero, it seems appropriate that Casey receives his chance to tackle that role as well. Affleck has always been more of a supporting actor but when he gets to take his chance at a lead role, he definitely makes the most of it, as evidenced by his recent Oscar win.

Affleck's first feature film appearance was in Lemon Sky in 1988, where he appeared in a small supporting role. Some of Affleck's more popular performances are: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Gone Baby Gone, and Manchester by the Sea. Affleck has proven that he not only can perform as a smaller supporting actor, but that he also has the range to carry a film as a lead.

Taking on more indie movies than anything else, Casey definitely deserves his chance at a large studio film and definitely a chance at an iconic action role.

7 John Boyega

John Boyega as Finn in Star Wars Force Awakens

John Boyega has been one of the most exciting actors to emerge onto the screen within the past few years. Breaking out in a rather huge way, Boyega has brought comedic relief to his performances, but evoked a rather strong emotional response from audiences as well. Boyega was noticed early on for his talents and was a part of many large productions for theater companies in South London.

Boyega's first feature film appearance was in Attack the Block in 2011, an indie science fiction film made in South London. Boyega's most well-known performance is in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but he is attached to the Pacific Rim sequel as well.

Boyega has not done much acting in terms of feature films just yet, making him probably the freshest face on this list. With his experience in an action/science fiction setting, he could perfectly step into the demanding role of the One. Plus, it would be awesome for him to now have two iconic roles under his belt.

6 Dane DeHaan

Dane DeHaan in Amazing Spider-Man 2

Dane DeHaan has a unique feeling about him that some other actors seem to be lacking. Now that DeHaan is expanding his horizons, he is proving that he can handle some larger studio films. DeHaan's first feature film appearance was in Amigo in 2010, a small budget war drama film. It wasn't long until his talent began getting noticed, and he appeared on a television a few times and in some supporting roles in films as well.

His more well known appearances include Chronicle and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where he got his chance to show off a bit more range. Being the star of upcoming science fiction epic Valerian, DeHaan clearly has the chops to be a leading man but also to be involved in an action heavy role.

DeHaan is a bit more well known than some of the other actors on this list, but he does have a great mysterious factor that would fit perfectly for the lead role in The Matrix revival.

5 Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Scott Pilgrim

In the lore of The Matrix universe, The One can be reincarnated as either a female or a male. Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been on quite the roll as an actress recently so she could perfectly fit the role of The One. Winstead first pursued a ballet career. After deciding not to go into ballet Winstead turned to acting, where she first appeared in a few stage productions and television shows early on in her career.

Her first feature film appearance was in The Long Road Home in 1999, a small budget drama film. Since then Winstead has appeared in many different genres and styles of film, making her a perfect candidate for The One. Her more well known appearances include Sky High, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Death Proof, and 10 Cloverfield Lane. Proving she can take direction well and switch from genre to genre, Winstead could definitely tackle something with the caliber of The Matrix series.

4 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has become an indie film darling over the past few years. She's made a complete 180 switch from Bella in Twilight to a brilliant and talented actress in her indie appearances. Stewart initially had no intentions of being an actress, but at a young age she was discovered at a local theater production and immediately began working on films. Her first feature film appearance was a non-speaking part in The Thirteenth Year in 1999, a Disney TV movie. Stewarts more well known appearances are in Panic Room, the Twilight saga, Clouds of Sils Maria, American Ultra, and this year's Personal Shopper.

Since her breakout role in Panic Room, Stewart has proved that she is quite the talented actress and as she grow older this was only proven even more so Stewart to playing The One would not only bring her back into the public eye, but also allow her to show off the talents she's developed on indie film sets.

3 Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston in High Rise
Tom Hiddleston in High Rise

Tom Hiddleston is probably one of the most well-known actors on this list. Hiddleston was born in Westminster, London where he began his acting career through a series of stage performances. He did theatre for a good portion of his career before switching over to television. Hiddleston has appeared in a number of BBC television series before eventually traveling over to America to appear in American films.

Hiddleston's first feature film appearance was in The Life and Adventure of Nicholas Nickleby in 2001, a British TV movie. His more well-known appearances include Thor, The Avengers, and Midnight in Paris. Since Hiddleston carries such weight as the actor who played Loki, it would be great to see him step into another high-risk role. He's also played an action lead recently in Kong: Skull Island. Not necessarily an A-List actor like Brad Pitt, Hiddleston still makes for a safe choice to play the One, especially with his action film experience.

2 Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmed in The Night Of

Riz Ahmed is still a not incredibly well-known actor, but his few roles have been absolutely outstanding. Landing in a few big studio films he has proven that he can handle both the indie scene and the studio scene. Ahmed was born in Wembley, London where he studied speech and acting. Ahmed's first feature film appearance was in Shifty in 2008, an indie thriller film about a cocaine dealer in London. Ahmed's more well known appearances are in: Four Lions, Nightcrawler, Jason Bourne, and Rogue One. Ahmed has had a lot of great supporting roles, adding whole other elements to already interesting films.

Ahmed has a great innocence about him that could perfectly embody Neo's "fish out of water" experience in The Matrix. The fact that he is quite relatively unknown does help quite a bit, but he also has action film experience and definitely is talented enough to lead a film.

1 Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan talks Creed 2

Michael B. Jordan is currently to the star in the reboot. The producers think he would fit excellently for the part and we do not disagree one bit. Michael B. Jordan is quite the talented actor and even though he hasn't appeared in too many films, he still has proven he is compelling enough to be a lead. Jordan had started with modeling and didn't initially think that he would be an actor, but after appearing on a few television shows he decided to pursue acting.

His first feature film appearance was in Hardball in 2001, a small budget sports movie. Jordan's more well-known appearances include: Chronicle, Fantastic Four, and Creed. Jordan is even playing the villain the Black Panther film coming in 2018, proving that he's an action film aficionado.

Although recent rumors suggest he may play a younger Morpheus, Jordan is already Neo in our hearts.


Did we miss someone? Is there an actor you would like to see play the lead in The Matrix reboot? Let us know in the comments below!

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