Keanu Reeves Open to Matrix 4 Return

Neo stops bullets in the Matrix

After a few years spent with his career on an arguable downward slide, the seemingly eternally young Keanu Reeves managed to kick his career back into high gear with 2014's John Wick, a take no prisoners action flick that quickly became one of the sleeper hits of that year. Having just followed that up with the - according to some - even better sequel John Wick: Chapter 2, Reeves is now firmly planted back near the top of Hollywood, and can likely do whatever project he wants at this point.

Of course, whenever the thought of Reeves doing a new film comes up, the actor is inevitably always asked about returning to his two most famous franchises: Bill & Ted, and The Matrix. During a recent talk show appearance, Reeves revealed his story pitch for a potential Bill & Ted 3, but that film still doesn't seem to have made it past the idea stage. On the Matrix front, rumors have swirled a few times in recent years about possibly continuing the series, but none have turned out to have any concrete foundation.

That said, there may be some hope for Matrix fans yet. During a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, Reeves was once again asked about reprising the role of Neo, and revealed that he's open to returning for a fourth Matrix film. However, he has a couple of conditions that must be met before he'll sign on the dotted line. First, the Wachowskis would have to return as writers/directors. Second, the story has to be worthwhile. Here's Reeves' full quote:

“The Wachowskis would have to be involved. They would have to write it and direct it. And then we’d see what the story is, but yeah, I dunno, that’d be weird, but why not? People die, stories don’t, people in stories don’t.”

The Matrix poster featuring Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and Cypher

Matrix fans will recall that the final film in the initial trilogy - The Matrix Revolutions - ended with Neo sacrificing his life to put at least a temporary end to the war between machines and humans. In sci-fi though, death is quite often not a permanent condition, and The Oracle did indicate that she suspected Neo might return someday. With Reeves potentially on-board, it seems like that someday might be soon.

There is of course the question of whether or not the Wachowskis are up for doing another Matrix film, although one assumes they might weigh in soon, now that Reeves has voiced his willingness to return. The Wachowskis haven't directed a film since 2015's box office bomb Jupiter Ascending, although their ongoing Netflix series Sense8 has garnered some positive reviews.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies

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