The Matrix 4: 5 Characters We Want To See Return (& 5 We Don't)

For a long time now, The Matrix series was lauded for being popular enough to be remembered almost two decades after it was over; we don’t need to say that anymore because The Matrix 4 is on its way.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Matrix film if we didn’t have our favorite characters returning, and we’re sure everyone’s got their wish lists out and ready. However, the series having a new installment doesn’t mean everyone should be returning, since their returns aren’t needed or would hold the new movie back. With that in mind, here are 5 characters we want to see return and 5 we hope stay gone.

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10 Want: Neo

MBTI Personality Types Of The Matrix Characters

You knew this guy would be coming on this list, so let’s start things off with him. Neo is the main protagonist of the series, and the best thing about him coming back is that we will see a real resolution to him. 

In The Matrix Revolutions, his body was carted off to no-one knows where, and the possibility is that he will be “resurrected” by being plugged back into the Matrix with his memories gone. What we know for sure is that we want the real Neo, not some program version that tries to change the story up with him.

9 Don't Want: Naobi

Naobi remained cynical about “The One” scenario the whole time, and would stick to this to the very end, claiming she believed in Neo and not some fairy tale. She turned out to be right and wrong, as Neo was The One but her faith in him paid off. 

We don’t see what Naobi would have to offer in the new film other than more cynicism. Being negative was her defining trait, and if she’s now a more positive person, then that would make her even less interesting.

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8 Want: Trinity

Trinity’s return is the bigger question compared to Neo, as she wasn’t the One nor was her body retrieved. This makes us way more interested in finding out how she would come back, and we certainly do want her back.

She was a badass female character before badass female characters were a thing, and she pulled it off so well that children would be copying her moves after watching her in The Matrix. Neo on his own won’t be complete and we need to see Trinity reunited with him.

7 Don't Want: Sati

The whole programs having family nonsense got way out of hand by The Matrix Revolutions, and Sati was brought in to bring the element of humanity into programs even further. Besides, the actress is now in her mid-20s, and having Sati as a grown-up will only make us smack our foreheads in annoyance. 

The next Matrix film should distance itself from humanizing the programs as the last two films had done, and focus on making the Matrix itself more mysterious. In order for that to happen, Sati should stay away from the next movie.

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6 Want: The Merovingian

The Matrix Reloaded Merovingian

Now this guy was someone with enough style that we want to see him back. The Merovingian’s scenes were always a delight, as he had a devilish way of raising real philosophical questions.

His appearance can also be naturally put in, as the Merovingian can be the character the others approach for an explanation for Neo’s potential resurrection. What we know is that we want more scenes of the Merovingian monologuing because that was something that never got old. Perhaps even his wife could make a return appearance, seeing that their interactions were both awkward and funny.

5 Don't Want: The Oracle

MBTI Personality Types Of The Matrix Characters

Yes, people might be wondering how the heck we would want the Oracle to be written out of the Matrix sequel, but it does make sense. After all, how many times can we have Neo approach her, only for the Oracle to talk in half-truths and riddles? 

Besides, it would be rather lame to see the good guys once again approach her for assistance, as this would mean every Matrix film would have a scene where they run over to her for guidance and she just ends up talking in circles.

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4 Want: Cypher

Yeah, the guy has been dead since the first Matrix, but we can’t help but be charmed by his one appearance. Cypher should have continued on for the rest of the trilogy and was killed off too soon, but his return can be easily done.

When we saw his betrayal scene with Smith, Cypher was in the process of bargaining his way back into the Matrix in the position of a movie star. Who’s to say some part of his conscience didn’t survive? Maybe we could have a movie star Cypher in the next film who somehow remembers his time in the real world. If nothing else, we just want to see him make eating a steak look so delicious one more time.

3 Don't Want: Smith

MBTI Personality Types Of The Matrix Characters

People are going to be readying their pitchforks after seeing this point, but we’re firm in wanting Smith to stay away. Sure, the actor was top notch in the role and the character was the perfect villain, but bringing Smith back would mean the previous trilogy was for nothing.

We need a new antagonist, and Smith’s presence even as a side villain would take focus away from the new baddie. Making him the main antagonist again won’t make the new Matrix feel any different from the previous ones, so it should be bye-bye Smith for good as of The Matrix Revolutions.

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2 Want: Morpheus

Morpheus in The Matrix

Is it weird that we want to see Morpheus more than we want to see Neo? That’s because logically Morpheus has the most reason to be in the Matrix sequel. We didn’t get to see what his new path in life was going to be now that Neo had completed his destiny as the One - and as people will remember, Morpheus had made it his life purpose to find the One.

As Neo and Trinity will be coming back, it would be an injustice if Morpheus isn’t there to join them. There was never a better leader in The Matrix series, and the next film can go either way with showing him still as an able leader or someone who has now lost his way and needs redemption.

1 Don't Want: The Architect

The Architect from The Matrix Reloaded

The personification of cheesiness in the series was this guy, whose appearance in The Matrix Reloaded was heavily parodied. The Architect’s execution in the plot was horribly done, as his entire character seemed to be an old guy who kept rambling on to himself. 

It was all in all a bad idea to even come up with the Architect character, and the new film is the best opportunity to pretend as if the Architect never existed at all. Even if the story requires a reference to him, they should just explain him away as having been deleted or just simply missing.

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