Masters of the Universe: Noah Centineo In Talks To Star As He-Man

Noah Centineo He-Man Masters of the Universe

Sony's Masters of the Universe movie may have found its He-Man in To All The Boys I've Loved Before's Noah Centineo. The studio has been looking for a way to get the fantasy project off the ground for years, and they've slowly been making progress over the last year or so. David Goyer was previously attached to write and direct the movie, but he ultimately decided to pass on the directing gig just over a year ago, leaving Sony to restart the search.

The studio named Aaron and Adam Nee as Masters of the Universe's new directors in April of 2018, well ahead of the film's December 2019 release date. Sony has since scrapped that date and ordered a rewrite of the script from Iron Man and MIB: International's Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. With the script being ironed out, fans of the popular 80s Mattel toys, animated shows, and Dolph Lundgren-led live-action movie have been waiting to see what exactly the take will be.

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A major piece of the vision may now be in place, as The Wrap reports Noah Centineo is in talks to star as He-Man in Masters of the Universe. Centineo became a major teenage heartthrob last year with his work on To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Before making the jump to shredded, action lead, he'll be seen in Charlie's Angels and in To All The Boys 2, which is now filming.

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If Centineo's deal does close, He-Man will be a major role for him to take on. At only 22 years old, he's likely younger than most would've expected for the most powerful man in the universe to be. Centineo is 6'1 though, so he does sport that natural physicality needed for the role. Of course, many will also want to know if Centineo will have He-Man's traditional blonde flowing hair, but that shouldn't be too big of a concern if he doesn't as long as he's able to bring the right performance.

After the 1980s film went with a completely campy approach to the material, there have been some fans wondering if Masters of the Universe would strike a tone and scope closer to Lord of the Rings this time around. Even though this is just one piece of casting news, Centineo is a charismatic lead who's excelled with more comedic roles, so this could be what The Nee Brothers and Sony are looking to capture. There are no plot details at this point though and with more information on the movie sure to arrive ahead of its July start to production, it is best to wait and see how Masters of the Universe continues to take shape before jumping to conclusions about the tone and more.

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Source: The Wrap

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