Masters of the Universe Reboot: McG In Talks To Direct

He-Man - Masters of the Universe

Those who have been following the developments surrounding a live-action Masters of the Universe  feature film reboot over the years may be well aware that the movie has attracted the interest of multiple directors. Unfortunately for fans of the property, however, no one filmmaker, or screenwriter for that matter, has gone the whole nine yards and bring the seminal animated series of the 1980s back to the big screen.

While some have seen fit to pitch a feature-length animated movie to bring the property back into the mainstream, it would appear as though the powers that be have secured another Hollywood director - one who appears interested in having a go at bringing He-Man back to the big screen.

According to Deadline, notorious blockbuster progenitor McG is in talks with Sony Pictures and Escape Artists to bring the Mattel toy line property back to the big screen. If the same man who brought the world of Charlie's Angels back into the popular culture has his way, then the film's script as it currently stands will be retooled into a draft more befitting of McG's vision.

Masters of the Universe

Thus far it would seem as though Sony is intent on getting the Masters of the Universe live-action reboot off the ground, despite its troubled history in terms of securing a director and durable screenplay. Given the studio's working relationship with McG in the past, the director of Terminator Salvation might just be the man for the job in adapting this beloved action-based property moving forward.

However you might feel about the creative talents held by McG, it's hard to find fault with Sony's chosen course of direction - given how long this film has been in various stages of pre-production going back nearly ten years now. Even if you might have preferred the animated series to the 1987 movie starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella, a modern live-action Masters of the Universe film may yet do justice by He-Man in live-action.

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Source: Deadline

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