Fan Art Imagines Channing Tatum As He-Man in Masters of the Universe

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Channing Tatum is He-Man in new Masters of Universe fan-art. With the immense popularity of comics movie adaptation, studios have been scrambling to establish their own universe using characters from graphic novels and other print sources including Sony. The company has been trying to kick-start a potentially new comic book franchise outside of their Spider-Man IP for quite some time now with a Masters of Universe movie. Unfortunately, it seems like they can't proceed with the movie's production after suffering numerous director and writer departures.

In 2012, John Chu was in talks to helm. Obviously, nothing materialized out of that, but script re-writes continued to be passed around with names like Terry Rosio, Jeff Wadlow and then Christopher Yost all working on it at one point. McG eventually reportedly signed on to direct but also left. Latest on the Masters of Universe director hunt was David S. Goyer likewise passing up on the gig after he did some script rewriting, leaving the project technically still at the starting point. But perhaps starting with a casting could lure potential candidates to see finally see the movie through.

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Coming from artist John Regan is the new fan-art which imagines what Tatum would look like as He-Man. Given the actor's build, he undoubtedly physically fits the bill as a possible live-action reincarnation of Prince Adam. No wonder he was rumored to be attached to the film way back in 2013 (same time with Chu). While nothing came out of that, with the project being shelved by Sony to focus on other properties while Tatum goes on to build his acting résumé, seeing the aforementioned artwork might be a good reminder to revisit the notion. Check out the illustration posted on Twitter below:

Tatum, of course, is still supposedly attached to Fox's Gambitwhich could pose some conflict if Sony decides to tap his services for Masters of Universe. But considering the status of the X-Men spinoff, we are currently unsure if the movie will still move forward. The film has been in development for quite some time now, with Tatum even showing up during Fox's big 2015 San Diego Comic-Con panel to be introduced as the official titular role in Gambit. But while films that were being promoted at that time like Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse and even Logan have already been released, Gambit remains stuck in production without any major progress since Tatum's casting.

Gambit is on Fox's schedule for June 2019, but that is hardly a guarantee the spinoff will actually be ready by then. If the film falls through once again and Tatum is left looking elsewhere for possibilities, perhaps a franchise like Masters of the Universe could be appealing for him.

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Source: John Regan/Twitter

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