Masters of the Universe Character Breakdowns Assemble A Team Of Heroes [Updated]

New reports regarding the upcoming Masters of the Universe movie indicate that the story will cling more closely to the mythology of the original source material than the infamously awful 1987 film adaptation. At the very least, the film's plot will see both the warrior He-Man and the evil sorcerer Skeletor leading teams of characters taken from the classic toy line.

First introduced in the early 1980's as Mattel's answer to the popularity of the Star Wars toys created by Kenner, Masters of the Universe would become a cultural phenomenon in its own right, inspiring both an animated series and comic books based on the toy line. Set on the magical world of Eternia, the series mixed elements of fantasy and science fiction as the forces of good and evil fought over control of the planet and the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Though the series continued to be popular among toy collectors over the following decades and saw several attempts at a reboot (including a new animated series in 2002 and numerous comic-book adaptations), the series never regained the popularity it once held. Hopes are high that a new live-action film might reinvigorate the franchise, but pre-production on the movie has been troubled, despite the film boasting a script by David Goyer - screenwriter of the Blade Trilogy and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movies.

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That Hashtag Show discovered some details regarding the screenplay, which were revealed in a video which can be viewed above. The most shocking revelation regarding the story is that it changes the continuity of the original series, which said that Skeletor was once Keldor - brother of King Randor and uncle of Prince Adam, the secret identity of He-Man. The new movie will reportedly depict Keldor and Adam as brothers - sons of Randor and the last of the line of Grayskull!

Update: Despite us hearing similar info when verifying, Sony tells us this information is not accurate. Stay tuned for more updates as we lear more about Masters of the Universe.

Apart from this change, the story will largely stick closely to the original mythos of the classic toyline, with Keldor falling from grace to become Skeletor and leading an army of darkness against King Randor with Prince Adam becoming He-Man and leading his own team of heroic warriors. The video confirms that the hero's team will include the warrior woman Teela, her adoptive father Man-At-Arms, the bird-man Stratos, comical wizard Orko and a man named Zodak who is described as Eternia's Minister of Technology. Skeletor's team will consist of the sorceress Evil Lyn, the cyborg Trap Jaw and "that furry fool" Beastman, who will be re-imagined as a shape-shifter who can become any animal rather than a wolf-man who could telepathically control animals.

While these changes seem minor in comparison to those made to the base concept in the 1987 Masters Of The Universe movie, they're still unlikely to soothe the fears of those He-Man fans who have waited for over three decades to see a proper live-action adaptation of the classic series. Even with David Goyer's pedigree as a writer backing the proposed film, the changes uncovered by this report seem random and arbitrary, not adding anything to the movie that would make it easier to bring the world of Eternia to life. Time well tell the truth of matters, but it may end up being that the best re-imagining of the Masters of the Universe characters will come in Netfilx's upcoming revamp of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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