'Masters of Sex' Goes Mainstream

[This is a review of Masters of Sex season 2, episode 11. There will be SPOILERS.] 


In the penultimate episode of Masters of Sex season 2, it's still unclear where the story is taking us, but is that a bad thing? 'One for the Money, Two for the Show' places our characters is some fascinating predicaments, which should make for an entertaining finale.

Before delving into Bill and Virginia, let's start with the surprise performance of the season by one Caitlin FitzGerald. Libby has been one of the more problematic characters throughout this second season, starting off as an ignorant mean-spirited housewife, to currently helping with the early stages of the American Civil Rights movement.

For the first time since last season, creator Michelle Ashford and her team gave Libby a voice that many of us could relate to. She just wants to be seen, period. The affair that followed Libby's touching conversation with Robert was the obvious part, but it was her sincere plea before the sex that showcased the acting talents of FitzGerald. The most-improved-player award for season two definitely goes to her. Robert, played by the stoic Jocko Sims (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) gave his strongest performance to date as well. Just before the steamy romance began, it was nice to see him listing out all the reasons why they shouldn't be having an affair.

Affairs can destroy families and relationships, but on television and other various forms of media, they are commonplace. So in this arena, it's safe to say that Libby deserved some pleasure in her life. While Bill and Virginia have been off in their hotel-room-sex-layer, Libby has been transforming herself into someone who wants to be seen for an actual person and not just the wife of the great Dr. Masters. Do you think Libby's actions this week were warranted, or is she just another variation of her husband now?

Virginia and Bill had to face the bright lights of the camera this week, as a CBS film crew desperately tries to take their study to a mainstream audience. While the filming was an interesting set-piece, there were other factors at play testing our ensemble's fortitude. For Virginia, she now has come to the realization that perhaps she's not doing the best job of parenting her children while her love affair with Bill deepens. A trip to France may be the best thing for them, but what about Virginia? Her ex-husband appears to be maturing while she now becomes the delinquent by forgetting her daughter's school project.

In one of the more memorable scenes this week, Bill gets confronted by none other than Lester about selling out to the studio execs. Do you think Bill is losing his gusto? In the past he might knock someone out for speaking against his study, but perhaps our weary doctor has had enough? Only time will tell.

Masters of Sex season two will reach its conclusion next week, so where does that leave our cast of characters? Will we see another time jump? Also, what do you think of Austin's sexual escapades this last few weeks; is he merely there for comic relief, or is something more complex happening under the surface? Stay tuned to see how this season wraps up.

Masters of Sex season 2 concludes with 'The Revolution will not be Televised' next Sunday @10pm on Showtime.

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