Masters Of The Universe Movie Gets New Writer

A new live-action movie of Masters of the Universe (this time entitled Grayskull) has been in the works for a long time now. The '80s version with Dolph Lundgren, although still technically a version of it, didn't really have much to do with the toy line of which Masters of the Universe was first created. Fans of the Mattel toy line from the early '80s sure have been yearning for a proper, non-cheesy He-Man movie for decades now.

The last we heard on the production side of things was that Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson is attached to direct (which is still true) and that Justin Sparks has written a screenplay which was labeled by fellow Screen Rant writer Niall Browne as "awesome." However, we learn today that Sparks' screenplay in all likelihood won't be the one used as Evan Daugherty has been brought on-board to pen a new one.

So who is Daugherty? Well, chances are you will not have heard of him since beyond an unproduced screenplay called Shrapnel (which he wrote to earn an NYU grant), he hasn't written anything. The script did make it's way onto the Hollywood "Black List," but nothing has come of it as of yet.

The He-Man movie is quite the gig for him, then!

As for the direction that Warner Bros. is hoping to go in, they see "the big-screen version as a gritty fantasy and reimagines Adam as a soldier who sets off to find his destiny, happening upon the magical world of Eternia. There, Skeletor has raised a technological army and is bent on eradicating magic."

The original '80s Dolph Lundgren movie is probably one of the first I can ever remember watching, and it's one I will watch anytime it pops on TV. However, it appears that WB is intending on going an entirely different, "grittier" direction with the character and I say that's the way they have to go. The cheesy nature of the '80s version is part of its appeal... but that just wouldn't work nowadays.

It's of the same nature as a lot of '80s movies that sit firmly in many-a-movie-fan's fond memories. With this new He-Man specifically, the cheesy nature was fine in the '80s... but it wouldn't be now. Not if they want to make a straight non-comedic He-Man movie.

I'm pretty sure fans of the character don't want in to be placed in the "comedy" section of the rental store...

So who could play the legendary He-Man? Well, it's the same dilemma as with other characters like Thor and Conan the Barbarian - just where do you get the perfect muscle-men to play these guys? I'm not sure... how 'bout Lundgren again, just for kicks.... no?

What do you think of an unknown and relatively inexperienced writer like Daugherty writing Grayskull? Who would you like to see play He-Man?

Source: THR

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