Master of None Season 2 Teaser Confirms Premiere Date

Master of None

To date, some of the most successful recent series’ on TV have been comedies, created and written by popular stand up comedians. Louis CK has managed to secure himself numerous Emmy awards for his wildly successful Louie series, just as Amy Schumer’s Inside Amy Schumer has also collected its fair share of awards and praise. The so-called golden age of television we currently find ourselves in continues to flourish with comedy and audiences can’t seem to get enough.

One of the most recent additions to this ever-increasing list is Aziz Ansari’s Master of None. After its debut in 2015, critics and audiences praised the quirky series before it ultimately took home a variety of awards and high profile nominations. Though Ansari had been steadily making a name for himself over the years with a handful of stand up specials and roles in Parks and Recreation as well as Bob’s Burgers, Master of None took his popularity to the next level.

After Netflix made the somewhat obvious announcement last winter that there would be a second season of Master of None, fans have been very eager to see exactly what Ansari and series co-creator Alan Yang could deliver – and when. Now thanks to a new teaser trailer courtesy of Netflix (above), we know for certain that not only will the series return soon – May 12th, to be exact – but also that it looks as though at least some of the season will take place in Italy.

Master of None fans will remember that the first season ended with Ansari’s character, Dev, making the decision to leave New York City in order to travel to Italy and pursue his passion for Italian cooking. Judging by the new teaser trailer, Dev has indeed made it to Italy and apparently, so has his good friend Arnold (Eric Wareheim). The sight of the two buddies riding scooters through the Italian countryside in the teaser is sure to put a smile on the faces of fans. Whether or not Dev will resume his often-troubled romance with Rachel (Noël Wells) or find success in the chaotic world of acting, are big questions this season and more insight on these matters should arrive when the series gets its first official trailer – the likes of which we currently don’t know when to expect.

Master of None

As a comedic series, Master of None has undoubtedly delivered its fair share of laughs. But while it may have produced a popular first season, its re-watchability is debatable. The greatest comedic series’ all invite revisiting and can deliver no matter how many times they’re re-watched. Though it’s still early days for Master of None, this second season will play a big role in determining its future and revealing whether the series has what it takes to endure.

The strengths of Master of None certainly outweigh its weaknesses at this point - and although it’s going to be a challenge to achieve the warm reception that the first season had, Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang definitely seem up for it. The series broke new ground in its depiction of a racially diverse America, redefining what a sitcom can be in the process. It’s hard to say if Master of None is a future model for comedy TV, but at this point, it definitely appears to be a serious contender.

Master of None season 2 hits Netflix on May 12th.

Source: Netflix

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