EA and BioWare Have Killed Mass Effect

Earlier this summer it was reported that the disappointing release of Mass Effect: Andromeda would be the first game in the series to not get single-player DLC expansions to build off its story. That reality has come to pass and this story is now officially true.

BioWare posted an update on the Mass Effect website to announce that the latest patch to the game, update 1.10, was the final update for Mass Effect: Andromeda and that "there are no planned future patches for single-player or in-game story content." This confirm's Kotaku's report from June when their sources revealed details about the troubled development of the game, that there would be no story DLC, and that sequel plans were quickly scrapped.

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Essentially, BioWare Montreal - and whatever happened behind-the-scenes at the studio and whatever direction and deadlines came from publisher Electronic Arts - have killed the Mass Effect franchise. There are no more Mass Effect game stories in the works and the title set to relaunch the Mass Effect series on current-gen consoles with new characters and a new setting, failed. Mass Effect: Andromeda has been abandoned just five months after release. N7 day will be a sad one this fall and all that will be left are some books and comics.

There will still be story-based multiplayer missions and more details will come soon on that front, but given that the game's wave-based multiplayer is boring and a weak clone of Mass Effect 3's, there's no point other than the companies trying to squeeze some more money out of the microtransactions.

Remember When Mass Effect Was Awesome?

Leading up to the release of Mass Effect 3 on the previous generation of consoles, the Mass Effect franchise was one of gaming's most exciting and popular. And then the Mass Effect 3 ending happened, leading to so much negative feedback that the developers went back and added more to it. Since then, many key staff members left BioWare and development shifted to the Montreal studio where we learned recently that the more ambitious and innovative game elements didn't make it into the game and that Andromeda was largely built in the last 18 months of its lengthy development.

And what terrible timing too. For years there's been a Mass Effect movie script slowly in development but that's clearly going nowhere, especially with the brand reputation being at an all-time low and the latest big budget game adaptation from Ubisoft Motion Pictures (Assassin's Creed) failing financially and critically.

Is Mass Effect another now just another entry in EA's lengthy list of acquired-and-killed IPs or is there hope in a reboot in the future?

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Sources: BioWare, Kotaku

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