Mass Effect: Andromeda Official Trailer Arrives

BioWare and EA unveil the first proper trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, offering a glimpse at events from the upcoming video game.

Mass Effect Andromeda Official Trailer

BioWare and EA are on the precipice of a big push to give Mass Effect: Andromeda's campaign some major momentum. At the end of August, a voice over contest was launched to give participants the chance to actually appear in a game. Last week, the studio launched what they called the Andromeda Initiative, which pointed fans to a website where they could sign up for more information (a newsletter). "Orientation begins Nov. 7," is the final line from the recruitment teaser that features the voice of prolific actor Clancy Brown.

November 7th has long been regarded as N7 day to Mass Effect fans. Previously, BioWare has released new content, held special press conferences, and even EA has discounted DLCs and other game merchandise in honor of the "holiday." This year, however, fans are being treated to a big reveal trailer for this upcoming fourth installment in the franchise.

Aside from the E3 trailer, which included no actual in-game footage, fans have had little to go on as far as what to expect with the game. But that's changed now that EA has dropped the first official trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Take a look above.

Mass Effect Andromeda Official Trailer

In an opening reminiscent of that from Mass Effect 2, the game looks to begin with the crew waking up to a disastrous start to their mission. Many of the things that were either rumored or that were only shown as concepts have not been realized based on the trailer. The totally redesigned Mako (let's hope they've actually fixed the poor driving mechanics from the first game) and the much anticipated jet packs are noticeably absent. However, fans are given a much better look at the new cast of characters, including familiar Asari and Salarians, traveling with Ryder on the massive ship Hyperion. The scope appears much bigger as some of the enemies shown look to be on par with the giant Reapers players faced in the previous game.

It's been a while since we got our first look at in-game footage thanks to a PS4 Pro event from earlier this year. Showcasing both player driven sequences and cinematics from a mission tentatively titled "Heart of the Vault," the footage provided some impressive graphics that show why the game is made for 4K thanks in large part to being powered by Frostbite.

This trailer likely won't be the only reveal for Mass Effect fans today. BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn tweeted about the company's plans, teasing, "#N7Day plans checked and double-checked. Just like the Pathfinder, there's no going back now. See you tomorrow."

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is set for a Spring 2017 release for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

Source: BioWare/EA

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