Mass Effect: Andromeda Release Date Leaked?

The beloved Mass Effect trilogy suffered a notorious end in 2012. Now, five years later, fans are itching for redeeming follow-up, Mass Effect: AndromedaThough the game faced its fair share of developmental roadblocks, it finally looks like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. With more and more gaming details revealed every day, from info on protagonist Ryder to a complete walkthrough of the game's trailer, it looks like the final result will soon be made public. The only question, then, is when.

The Andromeda release date has changed several times, so it looks like Microsoft has been keeping the official release date under wraps to avoid further gossip. With a projected spring 2017 premiere and a full trailer finally released, though, it looks like the game is just around the corner. And earlier today, Microsoft may have accidentally told us exactly when.

According to GameSpot, the Xbox Live Rewards site listed Andromeda on a page of upcoming releases, with the caption, "Release Date: March 31." The caption has since been changed to "Coming Soon." Another game that had no announced release date, DC's Injustice 2, was reportedly slated for a March 28 premiere on the site before also reverting back to "Coming Soon" status. Both changes came about when the site gave South Park: The Fractured but Whole a March 30 release date, an update that has not yet been redacted.

A late March release date would undoubtedly make sense for the Mass Effect addition, as BioWare general manager Aaron Flynn confirmed the game would see an "early 2017" release back in May. Pair that news with EA CFO Blake Jorgensen's assertion that the game would come out "in [their] fourth quarter," and March looks like a sure bet, as EA's fourth quarter runs to March 31. This Xbox Live promotion, in fact, specifically highlights games released in the first few month of 2017, so it looks like Fractured but Whole, Injustice 2, and Andromeda are all lined up for the spring, despite some nay-saying.

All that said, March 31 may very well not be the exact release date for the newest Mass Effect, as the Xbox Live page often lists game release dates as one day before their actual release. That means we could potentially even be looking into early April for the Andromeda premiere, though that would go against all other information gathered thus far. Fans have been waiting for this (hopefully redemptive) game for years, though, so what's a little more time?

As long as Mass Effect: Andromeda premieres this spring, BioWare and EA can probably avoid a revolt. That said, it's likely in their best interest to get the game out soon, unless they want to face some serious intergalactic wrath.

Mass Effect: Andromeda reportedly releases in March 2017.

Source: Xbox Live Rewards [via GameSpot]

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Release Date Leaked?