Mass Effect: Andromeda PS4 Pro Gameplay: Heart of the Vault


Fans of BioWare's Mass Effect series didn't need to know much (or anything) about the next game in the franchise to know that they wanted to play it for themselves, but details have been hard to come by. After confirming that Mass Effect: Andromeda was definitely being made at E3 2015, and would amplify the thrill of exploring the galaxy as a space cowboy, the first real looks at the game were offered in the E3 2016 trailer. But the video did little to hold fans over, focusing on environments and the game's aspirations, but keeping details and gameplay to a minimum.

Thankfully, Sony's PS4 Pro event has offered up a lengthy look at the gameplay of Andromeda - which can be viewed above - showing longer looks at the navigation, the hero, the enemies, the mysterious ancient structures players will explore, and of course, the 4K graphics of the PlayStation 4 Pro (if using a 4K-enabled device, click HERE), taking the series into its new technical era.

The footage won't shock too many fans of the series, since exploring some ancient galactic structures and running from glowing space-monster-robots is par for the course. That, and the fact that at this point, fans don't actually have many details on the story being told in Andromeda, or whom the player will follow. There have been plenty of rumors, of course, hinting at the protagonist's role as humanity's 'Pathfinder', seeking a new home for the race (and possibly even that character's last name).

The video drives home the shared DNA between the new Mass Effect series and Dragon Age, both powered by EA's Frostbite engine. The visuals and sprawling environments of Inquisition raised the bar for the studio on a technical level, and this new 4K footage won't disappoint Mass Effect fans hoping for even prettier places to explore. It's no coincidence that the footage doesn't reveal a whole lot about the plot of the game, sending the hero's crew into an unknown 'Vault' to discover alien space system-mapping(?) technology - which fits with the rumored plot of a hero searching for humanity's new home.


But the so-called "Remnant" featured in the video - floating, seemingly robotic creatures tending to the Vault with dangling tendrils - may be the most notable detail. How they factor into the story, or if they're the villain, the villain's footsoldiers, or totally unrelated is still an unanswerable question.

What do you think of the gameplay footage? Is Mass Effect: Andromeda shaping up to look or feel the way you had hoped? Or will you be holding off opinions and excitement until the team reveals the story, hopefully coming in the trailer releasing November 7, 2016? Let us know in the comments.


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Mass Effect: Andromeda is set for a spring 2017 release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: BioWare

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