Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Protagonist Revealed In Greater Detail

Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Story

The next Mass Effect game will allow fans to explore a brand new galaxy called Andromeda, full of planets with contrasting locations to explore and enemies to conquer. One mission could see you navigating a vast desert-like landscape, then another will drop you into a misty swamp of a planet. Mass Effect: Andromeda will also deliver a brand new story, and the playable character will also be completely new to the series as well.

Whoever is set to take on the mantle left behind after the finale of Commander Shepard’s dramatic tale will have a big job on their hands. As much is known about the storyline as is known about the new playable character – very, very little - though it is known that they will lead the ongoing exploration into the far reaches of the universe. While the character was introduced fleetingly during the E3 announcement trailer, now, thanks to a post found on ZBrushCentral, a website that is a community for 3D modellers, a series of high resolution images have been revealed that give a closer look at the protagonist of what could be the start of a new trilogy of BioWare’s space RPG. Introducing the mysterious figure who is currently only known as Pathfinder.

Mass Effect Andromeda - Pathfinder model 1

Mass Effect Andromeda - Pathfinder model 4

Mass Effect Andromeda - Pathfinder model 3

Mass Effect Andromeda - Pathfinder model 2

The images portray the same figure that was seen running away from danger in the E3 trailer last year, who is modeled by artist Herbert Lowis. While the photos are impressive, showing off the instantly recognizable N7 logo, they pose more questions than they offer answers. Will the character always have their face covered, like Samus in old school Metroid games? What kind of new abilities does this suit make possible? Looking back at the E3 trailer, the character was seen using what looked like some kind of Boba Fett style jet pack to get a quick boost across cliff sides, and the multitool looks like it's received a substantial upgrade. More importantly, who or what exactly is a Pathfinder? BioWare has a trend with this kind of approach to character; after all, the studio's last RPG hit, Dragon Age: Inquisition, had a protagonist simply called The Inquisitor. It was the choices the player made that ended up defining the character.

While there’s been no new information that officially reveals the character’s real name, if they even have one, we do know that they will be fully customisable just like Commander Shepard was in the original Mass Effect trilogy. It’s also known that players will be able to choose to play as male or female - but you will have to play as a human.

Fans will have to make do with nuggets of details just like these for now, since it was revealed that Mass Effect: Andromeda has been delayed until 2017. That’s OK though, as it gives plenty of time for a Mass Effect remastered trilogy to be announced for PS4 and Xbox One, right EA?

Mass Effect: Andromeda will release in early 2017.

Source: ZBrush Central (via VG247)

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