Mass Effect Andromeda Briefing Introduces Pathfinder Team

Mass Effect Andromeda: Scott and Sarah Ryder bio

Mass Effect: Andromeda will take players in a new direction from the original Mass Effect trilogy, travelling 2.5 million light years from the Milky Way to the Andromeda galaxy, 600 years after the events of Mass Effect. Currently scheduled for release on March 21, Andromeda is beginning to ramp up the official marketing with its second cinematic trailer and some other viral marketing to prepare players for the game's arrival.

The official Mass Effect website has begun releasing Andromeda Initiative briefing videos as an orientation to establish this new side of the Mass Effect universe. The newest briefing serves as an introduction to the Pathfinder team, which players will command in the game. The briefing gives a quick overview of the characters and their roles on the team.

The Pathfinder Team

Mass Effect Andromeda: Pathfinder Team

Tasked with finding habitable planets in Andromeda, the Pathfinder team is referred to as the "tip of the spear" of the Andromeda Initiative. Pathfinders will seek out ideal "golden planets," establish settlements, and help establish a new home for humanity.

The Pathfinder team is led by a Pathfinder, serving as Senior Mission Officers. The Pathfinders are well trained with experience in survival, diplomacy, and combat -- likely establishing the basis for the Pathfinder's skill tree in game.

Alec Ryder

Mass Effect Andromeda: Alec Ryder bio

Alec is humanity's Pathfinder. He's a talented scientist, former N7 officer, and member of the first team to travel through the Charon Mass Relay, connecting humanity to the rest of the Milky Way for the first time. More than likely, Alec won't make it through the early stages of the game, prompting the player's chosen character (either Sarah or Scott Ryder) to take his place as the team's new Pathfinder.

Liam Kosta

Mass Effect Andromeda: Liam Kosta bio

Handpicked by Alec Ryder for his broad range of talents, Liam has experience ranging from engineering to law enforcement, security, and tactical training. He serves as the Pathfinder team's crisis response specialist. An idealist at heart, Liam likes to see the best in every situation.

Sarah and Scott Ryder

Mass Effect Andromeda: Scott and Sarah Ryder bio

The daughter of Alec Ryder, Sarah was born on the Citadel as a part of humanity's first generation away from Earth. Sarah joined the Systems Alliance military as a peacekeeper, serving as support for scientists on missions to recover additional Prothean technology.

Scott is Alec Ryder's son and Sarah Ryder's brother. Like his sister, he was born on the Citadel and joined the Systems Alliance military. Scott was stationed at Arcturus Station, the site of a Mass Relay leading into contested space. While he provided security at Arcturus, he developed a drive to explore by watching others leave the station in search of glory.

Cora Harper

Mass Effect Andromeda: Cora Harper bio

Liuetenant Cora Harper is Alec Ryder's second in command and operations specialist for the Pathfinder team's ground missions. Cora also has experience with the Systems Alliance military, but she's also a biotic, so she was transferred to a team of Asari commandos for four years before joining the Andromeda Initiative.


Mass Effect Andromeda: SAM

SAM, or Simulated Adaptive Matrix, is an artificial intelligence built by Alec Ryder. Like EDI from Mass Effect 2 & 3, SAM provides mission support, tactical information, and other pertinent details through an implant installed in all members of the Pathfinder team.

More details about the Andromeda Initiative can be found on the Andromeda Initiative section of the Mass Effect website. Users willing to sign in with their EA Account can complete each of the six briefings (four of which are currently available) to unlock a special Pathfinder helmet skin for the game.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on March 21, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Andromeda Initiative

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