Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Trailer

Mass Effect: Andromeda's gameplay trailer emphasizes the importance of exploration and introduces new characters and tools to navigate new worlds.

Mass Effect Andromeda Krogan Drack Turian Vetra Ryder

All the pieces for Mass Effect: Andromeda appear to be falling into place. News of the highly anticipated game has been steady since the initial teaser trailer was released. Shortly after that, fans were given a first look at the new face of the franchise in the new lead character, named Ryder. BioWare launched a fan driven companion program called The Andromeda Initiative just ahead of their new trailer reveal on November 7th; what Mass Effect fans will recognize as "N7 Day."

There was a wealth of information that trickled throughout the day on November 7 as BioWare execs released more and more details about what fans can expect. Things like loyalty missions (a staple in Mass Effect 2) are making a comeback; the original trilogy is both available as part of EA Access and is now backward compatible for Xbox One; and Andromeda's main villain, the Kett, was revealed.

At the The Game Awards 2016, BioWare General Manager, Aaryn Flynn, introduced the first gameplay trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. The nearly five minute video showcases new cinematics and gameplay from both single player and multi-player modes. The trailer that debuted at The Game Awards is vastly different than the footage that was shown during the PS4 Pro event from earlier this year. Another big reveal from the new gameplay footage is fans can finally see the new rover, the Nomad (which replaces the clunky Mako). Take a look at the gameplay (above) for yourself.

Mass Effect Andromeda Krogan Drack Turian Vetra Ryder

BioWare producer, Michael Gamble, tweeted the names of two new squadmates of races fans are quite familiar with -- Drack, a Krogan, and Vetra, a Turian. It was revealed in the Andromeda Initiative footage that each of the arks carries different species, and BioWare confirmed that not all aliens races from the first trilogy will be present in the new game. However, it's refreshing to see a female Turian given the only female Turians fans met in the first trilogy were both in Mass Effect 3, and could only be accessed via paid DLCs.

Exploration is a cornerstone of Mass Effect: Andromeda since finding resources in this new galaxy is difficult. When on a new planet, the player can collect resources that will be necessary to craft weapons and armor, a new feature for Mass Effect. The HUD provides more information that previous games, and looks more like Dragon Age: Inquisition in its features.

New characters are introduced that provide clues as to the size of the squadmates the player will have to choose from. PeeBee (an Asari) and Liam (a human) are characters that were introduced earlier, while Sam appears to be an AI perhaps similar to EDI; and Reyes sounds like another squadmate or crew member with whom Ryder will interact. A few of the class powers look familiar, like the Vanguard's biotic charge, and an engineer's ability to use the tactical cloak both make an appearance in the new footage.

This official gameplay trailer finally gives fans a more in-depth look at the game mechanics. More elements were revealed here that give a much more complete picture of what players can expect when they get their hands on the game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda hits Xbox One, PS4, and PC in Spring 2017.

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