Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition Details Leak Early

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay footage

Serving as perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated RPGs slated to hit store shelves around the world during the first sales quarter of 2017, Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth installment in the best-selling and critically acclaimed science-fiction video game series from beloved developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts. The first series title since 2012's Mass Effect 3 closed out the Shepard trilogy, Andromeda is all set to take players into the future with an all new adventure and host of unfamiliar characters.

Ever since the first enigmatic trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda was unveiled a couple of months back this past summer, anticipation leading up to the game's release has been the center of significant attention. Gone are the days of commanding the SSV Normandy as the intrepid Commander Shepard. In its place is a whole new intergalactic mission centering around a female protagonist named Ryder - also known as the Pathfinder - and her own crew of military-trained explorers charged with charting the Andromeda galaxy in territory far beyond the Milky Way. What's more, the latest leak has details on the official deluxe edition copy and box art that players can expect to get their hands on early next year.

Courtesy of Twitter user Wario64, details on the upcoming deluxe edition of Mass Effect: Andromeda have been leaked online, with what appears to be the official box art included. As always, players can expect to interact with a whole host of new characters - both friendly and otherwise - in an open-world deep space adventure replete with destructible environments, improved game mechanics, and an overriding sense of adventure and discovery. Check out the original Twitter post below:

Mass Effect Andromeda box art

— Wario64 (@Wario64) November 7, 2016

Fans of the long running science-fiction series have a lot to look forward to based solely on the appearances offered up by the PS4 Pro gameplay demo, and with any luck all of the novel features teased thus far will come to fruition when the game finally launches next spring. Commander Shepard became something of an indispensable hero for players in years past, but with the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda fans can begin looking forward to discovering a new human home world as Ryder/the Pathfinder.

Only time will tell how warmly received the new game from BioWare and Electronic Arts will ultimately be received by fans, though everything is looking good thus far from Mass Effect: Andromeda. Ryder/the Pathfinder should be another compelling protagonist to get to know and play as, and the opportunities that the new game should afford players post-Mass Effect 3 should prove to be expansively imagined and comprehensively satisfying.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released in Spring 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One.

Source: Wario64

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