Mass Effect: Andromeda: All 10 Romance Options For Ryder

Bioware games are known for their rich stories and characters, but they also are known for their romances. Mass Effect and Dragon Age games give players a place to slay dragons or destroy hostile aliens while also falling in love. It's a beautiful, cathartic mix of emotions to beat incredible enemies and having someone dear on the other side to enjoy it with.

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In the most recent game, Mass Effect: Amdromeda, romance was just as important as it's ever been. Whether fans debate the game's merit is irrelevant. What is relevant, though, are the interesting, versatile cast of characters that the Ryder twins can choose to fall for. After all, what's a Bioware game without some serious, romantic role-playing?


Cora Harper from Mass Effect Andromeda

When the player's Ryder twin wakes up from cryo-sleep, Cora Harper is one of the first people they meet. Their dad's second in command and an intense, orderly biotic, Cora can seem cold when first encountered. Her adoration of her Asari training may get intimidating, but she has insecurities and weaknesses like everyone else. With a little digging, the right person can find a soft, romantic woman underneath.

Cora will only respond to Scott Ryder's flirting, so all Sara Ryders will strike out. For anyone wanting to get to know this high-strung powerhouse better, she stays in the biotics lab surrounded by plants. And a note? She really loves roses.


Keri T'Vessa from Mass Effect Andromeda

If anyone is the Andromeda Initiative's biggest fan, it's Liam. He came onto the project needing someone to believe in, and when the project gets rocky, the charismatic Brit will look to the Pathfinder for new hope. Loving cars, soccer, and getting people together, Liam is one of the most fun-loving characters in the game. Even better, he hands down has one of the best loyalty missions in the game.

Liam only has eyes for Sara Ryder, finding her bold and fascinating. Of all the romances, his is the goofiest with a bunch of youthful pizazz. He even comes with a movie night, romantic or not.


While companion romances get all the glory, Mass Effect: Amdromeda also included the odd civilian romance. One of the most interesting is with Keri T'Vessa, a reporter on the Nexus. After each main mission, the stubborn jounrnalist will insist on interviewing you. The player can choose to flirt with her, sparking a romance between the inquisitive Asari and the Pathfinder.

Though a headstrong videographer, Keri is a lot more flexible when it comes to relationships. She is not only bisexual but doesn't care of the Pathfinder has a main romance elsewhere. She's happy to partake in just a bit of fun.


Of all the romanceable characters, Peebee can come on a bit strong. Not exactly as romantic partner, but just in general. After all, the first time players meet her, she tackles them to the ground.

First and foremost, Peebee is a technology archaeologist, finding old tools and altering them to be useful. Much like other Indiana Jones types, she doesn't really trust anyone. The Pathfinder must decide if they want to keep her mysterious or get her to open up. She can either be a fling or a serious relationship for either Ryder twin. Helpping her with her 'secret project' will go a long way in gaining her trust and falling in love.


Gil Brodie from Mass Effect Andromeda

Like Dragon Age: Inquisition before it, Bioware committed to making a few strictly gay characters. One of these was Gil, the Tempest's engineer. Sara Ryder can make a good friend, but it's Scott Ryder that attracts his attention. All the Pathfinder has to do is visit him often in the engine room and never miss a chance to flirt.

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Whether it's playing poker or talking about the future, Gil is a guy who never quite knew where home was. With Ryder, he finally does. Gil's relationship also is the most serious, with discussions about kids already on the table.


When the Pathfinder lands on the Angaran home world, there are wonderful sights and people to meet. One of the cutest parts is Avela, a Angara museum curator on the hunt for history. While she can't go exploring herself, the Pathfinder can go pick up several artifacts and flirt after giving them.

For all the Mass Effect fans upset that Jaal can't be gay, this is the closest thing they'll get to an Angara/Male Ryder pairing. And to give her credit, she's adorable and brainy. Finding her artifacts really elates her and she's respectfully curious about human culture. Who wouldn't find that attractive?


Mix a science nerd, a woman of faith, and a very cute lesbian and you get Suvi Anwar. The science officer that sits up front with the pilot, Kallo, Suvi spends her time marvelling over the stars and the mysteries of the universe. Though it can seem contradictory, that includes her spirituality which makes her all the more unique.

Cute and flirty, Suvi will fall head over heels for any open-minded, scientific Sara Ryder. Though she can't go one missions, the two can bond on board, be it at the helm or in her personal quarters.


Reyes Vidal from Mass Effect Andromeda

A wildcard of a character and romance, Reyes is someone either Ryder can meet and fall into a whirlwind romance with. He's the Angaran resistance contact on Kadara, and though he seems to be doing good, it's clear he's a little more complicated than that. In a sea of good people, Reyes can be the bad boy of your Ryder's dreams.

Reyes has no preference for either gender. Anyone attractive that makes him smile is a go. Throughout the Kadaras adventures, he'll accompany the party and make the planet all the more interesting. With time, Ryder will learn about who he really is and what it means for their relationship.


Mass Effect Jaal

By far one of the most interesting relationships available in Mass Effect: Andromeda, Jaal is the only unique, new alien romance. He's an Angaran Jack of All Trades, having scientific, military, and social knowledge. However, with the Pathfinder, he's the perfect Angaran resource. Over time, Ryder learns he never really knew where he belonged, but The Tempest slowly starts feeling like home.

If a Sara Ryder looks his way, Jaal will melt into a puddle of sentimentality and poems. Despite having a sharper edge to him, his people are very touchy, open, honest, and emotional. Falling in love with him can seem like a fantasy novel at times, but it works great on him.


Vetra Nyx from Mass Effect Andromeda

With Turians being the favorite species in Mass Effect, of course there had to be a Turian romance. This time, it comes in the form of Vetra, a former smuggling merc. Though she left those days behind her, her expertise still lies in contacts and resources. Like most Turians, she can seem rough around the edges, but she's endlessly loyal to people she cares for.

Between helping her with family troubles and some covert flirting, even the fiercely independent Vetra can fall in love. She can fall for a Sara or a Scott Ryder. The only thing she needs is love, support, and trust.

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