Masked Singer's Season 2 Premiere's Most Revealing Clues

There were plenty of revealing clues in The Masked Singer's season 2 premiere. The night was packed with hints, and some were a bit more obvious than others.

The Masked Singer is a top-secret singing competition where celebrities from all walks of life face off against one another while performing in elaborate costumes and masks that conceal their identity. On season 1, viewer's watched as stars like Terry Bradshaw, Rumor Wilson, and T-Pain were unmasked. The competition revealed to fans that anyone could be involved. Back in January, Fox renewed the competition series for a second season as The Masked Singer was the number 1 new series, drawing in 17 million viewers and making it the top unscripted show.

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The first of the evening was a face-off between the Butterfly and the Egg. The Butterfly came out with a feminine walk and an amazing performance. The clue package showed London, and the celebrity said they liked to go to church. The Butterfly could possibly be a seasoned singer from an English girl band like Little Mix or even solo artist Cheryl Cole who had performed with Will.I.Am. The Egg, on the other hand, seemed like it could be an older gentleman by the way they walked. The clue package was a bit harder to decipher, but it did say that they were not a singer. The Egg mentioned being on top of a pyramid, possibly hinting at the game show $100,000 Pyramid, which was originally hosted by Dick Clark. As the Egg sang, it was obvious that the voice belonged to someone young younger, possibly Adam Griffen, as the last hint had to do with skating.

The second face-to-face was the Skeleton versus Thingamajig. Thingamajig had been pushed by the show on social media, so fans are wondering if it could be one of the more well-known stars. The celebrity's video showed images of a basketball court, as well as a bird, which could mean the celebrity underneath is Larry Bird. The Skeleton only said that it liked bling and did not want to play second fiddle to the other acts. The judges seemed to think he was comedian Martin Short.

During the smackdown, it was Egg versus the Skeleton, both giving great performances. It came down to the judges' final vote on who to save. The Skeleton was saved to see another day, while the Egg was asked to unmask. The second smackdown came to see the Rottweiler as the winner, sending the Ladybug to face off against fellow competitor, Ice Cream, letting the Ladybug live to see another week.

In the second half of the show was Ladybug against the Rottweiler. The ladybug was positively a female who had some major singing chops, and the Ladybug’s video clues included the fact that she was born into the limelight of drama with the media following her. She sang a powerhouse ballad, which led the judges to wonder if it could be a trained singer like Lindsay Lohan or Jamie Lynn Spears. The Rottweiler seemed to have swag when he walked on stage, and the clues said he was a top dog who liked to look his best and mentioned he liked to play football.

The Tree versus the Ice Cream were the last duo of the night. The tree came out sparkling and said she loved to be dolled up, saying that she was only known for baking treats. Viewers were quick to think that it could be famed homemaker Martha Stewart. Ice Cream took to the stage and seemed to represent a celebrity that may have had a bad attitude in the past, trying to turn over a new leaf and show their sweeter side.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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