The Masked Singer: Every Celebrity's Secret Identity Revealed

Who is The Rabbit on The Masked Singer?

The identity of the Rabbit has been revealed as Joey Fatone, confirming our best guess.

The Clues:

He spent much of his life on a stage, but “never alone”

  • “I pop up here and I pop up there”
  • “Synchronized singing is [his] forte”
  • “This rabbit’s gonna win and you believe the last mask standing is gonna be me.”
  • Are you or have you been in a boy band? "In a band."

Judge Guesses:

  • Nicole Scherzinger: Criss Angel
  • Ken Jeong: Jake Gyllenhaal, Lance Bass, or Justin Timberlake
  • Robin Thicke: Joey Fatone

Screen Rant’s Guess:

Joey Fatone: Between quotes like “synchonized singing” and ‘it’s gonna be me” and the fact that the rabbit is wearing a straightjacket, the ‘N Sync references are almost beating us over the head. Joey Fatone is a reality TV regular having been on Dancing With the Stars multiple times and he’s been a judge on several other shows as well.

Who is The Alien on The Masked Singer?

UPDATE: The Alien has been revealed as LaToya Jackson, confirming our best guess.

The Clues:

  • She “comes in peace”
  • She grew up in the public eye
  • “In my family, anonymity is a completely alien concept.”
  • “No one will ever control me again,”
  • “For the first time, the world gets to hear my voice on my terms.”
  • She “has many sisters”
  • One video had a photo of a gold record
  • She has a police badge from Muncie Indiana, which is not a prop. She’s “sworn to protect and serve.”Several of her videos include a snake

Judge Guesses:

Robin Thicke: Bella Hadid

Jenny McCarthy: a member of the Spice Girls

Ken Jeong: Kourtney Kardashian

Nicole Scherzinger: a member of the Kardashian-Jenners

Screen Rant’s Guess:

LaToya Jackson: The clues are undeniable here. LaToya matches every quote given, she did a Playboy shoot with a snake, and was once on a show called Armed And Famous where celebrities were trained as police officers, then actually sworn in at the end. The show took place in Muncie Indiana.

Who is The Bee on The Masked Singer?

The identity of the Bee has not yet been revealed.

The Clues:

  • She’s had a long career
  • Being a worker be “keeps [her] young.”
  • “You can call me Queen B, but Empress also suits me.”
  • She wants to prove she has what it takes to create “buzz” with a new generation.
  • A picture of tennis balls
  • She started singing “in the ‘50s”
  • Baking is her “2nd favorite” thing
  • She was a little girl when she had the idea to start a girl group

Judge Guesses:

Robin Thicke: Diana Ross

Jenny McCarthy: Lil Kim or Mary J. Blige

Nicole Scherzinger: Dionne Warwick

Who is The Pineapple on The Masked Singer?

The Pineapple has been revealed to be Tommy Chong.

The Clues:

  • He’s 6 feet 1 inch tall
  • He’s "gone through some dark times,"
  • He recovered from a “life-threatening disease”
  • His video has him washing a car with a yin-yang hanging from the mirror and a license place that reads “52438T” and a “Pipe Dreams” bumper sticker
  • "Life is short so you've got to seize your dreams before life goes up in smoke."

Judge Guesses:

Ken Jeong: Matthew McConaughey

Nicole Scherzinger: Adam Sandler

Jenny McCarthy: Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, or Barack Obama

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