The Masked Singer: Every Celebrity's Secret Identity Revealed

Who is The Raven on The Masked Singer?

The Raven is revealed to be talk show host and birth justice advocate Ricki Lake.

The Clues:

  • She’s five feet four inches tall
  • She’s spent her life listening to “other people’s stories”
  • She recently suffered a loss and will rise up “like a phoenix”
  • She was shown holding a pregnancy test
  • "Don't cry, baby, this one's for you."

Judge Guesses:

Jenny McCarthy: Sherri Shepherd

Ken Jeong: Star Jones or Sally Jessy Raphael

Ricki Lake is a long time talk show host and advocate for safe and natural birth processes. She recently lost her ex-husband to suicide.

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Who is The Lion on The Masked Singer?

The identity of The Lion has been revealed as Rumer Willis, confirming our best guess.

  • She’s five feet six inches tall
  • She’s considered “Hollywood royalty”
  • She’s stepping away from her pride to “sing [her] heart out”
  • “In my pride, there are lots of women”

Screen Rant’s Guess: Rumor Willis. She’s the the right height and the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, which means she’d be considered “Hollywood royalty. She used to have a big tattoo of a lion on her shoulder, which feels a bit on-the-nose for her lion costume. She also has 2 sisters, lining up with her comment about “lots of women” in her “pride.” She’s also currently in Empire, which is all about the Lyon family.

Judge Guesses:

  • Jenny McCarthy: Lady Gaga
  • Robin Thicke: Someone from Fifth Harmony, Michelle Williams, or Kelly Rowland
  • Nicole Scherzinger: Mel B

Who is The Monster on The Masked Singer?

The Identity of the Monster is still unknown

The Clues:

  • He’s 5 feet 8 inches tall
  • He’s here to “rewrite [his] mixtape” and prove himself
  • “I was at the top of my game, but the game turned on me, so I retreated into my cave and took a break from the public eye”
  • When asked if he’s a professional singer, he says “not to everyone."

Judge Guesses:

Nicole Scherzinger: Gucci Mane

Jenny McCarthy: Diddy

Ken Jeong: Justin Bieber

Screen Rant’s Guesses:

Chris Brown: He lines up with a lot of the clues, but mostly in really problematic ways that make him an unlikely candidate. Having literally referred to himself as a “monster” after his relationship with Rihanna, it’s doubtful they’d stage a redemption for him on this show, especially using this persona.

T-Pain: The far more likely candidate, T-Pain actually has an amazing voice, but most people don’t know it because of his stylistic use of autotune, which is likely why he said “not to everyone” when he was asked if he’s a professional singer. He’s been away from the public eye and is due for a comeback, making him a very likely option.

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Who is The Peacock on The Masked Singer?

The identity of The Peacock is still unknown.

The Clues:

  • He’s 5 feet 9 inches tall
  • He’s been in show business since he was a kid
  • “It’s probably been a while since your mom had a poster of me on her wall.”
  • “I have never been mauled by a tiger, but I have been part of a magic act.”
  • He’s performed in Vegas

Judge Guesses:

Robin Thicke: Zac Efron or Jimmy Kimmel

Jenny McCarthy: Hugh Jackman

Ken Jeong: Teller of Penn and Teller

Screen Rant’s Guess:

Donny Osmond: Few people fill out Osmond’s resume and answer so many of these clues. Osmand is a Vegas veteran and been doing show business since he was a child. He was a teen heartthrob and your mom probably had a poster of him on her wall. His Peacock persona could also be a reference to his starring role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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