The Masked Singer: Every Celebrity's Secret Identity Revealed

Who are each of the costumed celebrities on The Masked Singer? In the new reality competition show, famous celebrities don elaborate colorful costumes and sing songs in front of an audience and 4 judges, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger (and sometimes Joel McHale).

Each celebrity also releases videos and different clues or hints as to their true identity and the judges try to figure out who they are. At the end of each episode, the audience votes for their favorite singer, and the loser has to take off their mask while the remaining singers advance to the next episode.

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So what is the identity of each singer? Thanks to some hints provided by the singers themselves and other clues such as their voice and performance, we have a good guess at who each one is. Here's every masked singer who has been revealed, as well as our best guess at the identities of the remaining masked singers.

Who is The Hippo on The Masked Singer?

The Hippo has been revealed as Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Antonio Brown.

The Clues:

  • He’s 5 feet 10 inches tall
  • His strength is being “unpredictable”
  • Breakfast is his favorite meal
  • A $10,000 bill
  • “Every time I win, I just gotta dance, even if it gets me in trouble”
  • “Bowling” is his favorite pastime

Judge Guesses:

Robin Thicke: Odell Beckham Jr.

Nicole Scherzinger: Allen Iverson

Ken Jeong: Deion Sanders

Antonio Brown is a current NFL wide receiver known for his endzone dances and big breakfasts. He once famously got a $10k fine for streaming a Facebook Live video from the locker room.

Who is The Deer on The Masked Singer?

The Deer has been revealed as former Steelers Quarterback and FOX NFL Commentator Terry Bradshaw.

The Clues:

  • He’s 6 feet 3 inches tall
  • He’s shown with a football trophy
  • He considers himself a singer, but “not everyone’s going to agree with that”
  • He’s been knocked down a lot
  • “Ravens beware, I’m here to win.”
  • He has a slight southern accent (can be heard despite voice alteration)
  • He keeps making horse references

Judge Guesses:

Robin Thicke: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Jenny McCarthy: Chuck Liddell

Nicole Scherzinger: Peyton Manning

The Deer is: Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw is a former NFL quarterback winner of multiple Super Bowls. He also released some country music albums and currently owns a horse ranch in Oklahoma.

Who is The Poodle on The Masked Singer?

The Poodle has been revealed as stand-up comedian, actress, and musician Margaret Cho.

The Clues:

  • She’s “sassy and smart and best in show.”
  • She loves to take on characters on stage
  • She has ties to San Francisco
  • She Comes from a musical family, but is “known for a different talent”
  • Her video shows her lifting small weights
  • She says her career is about exercising her “right to free speech”
  • Her clue videos also show a rainbow flag and have her talking on the phone.

Judge Guesses:

Jenny McCarthy: RuPaul, Ali Wong, or Richard Simmons

Ken Jeong: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Margaret Cho came to fame as a stand-up comedian, but has found success in multiple other fields of entertainment. She’s openly bi-sexual, once worked as a phone sex operator, and regularly pushed controversial social buttons in her stand-up routines, which explain several of the clues from her videos.

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Who is The Unicorn on The Masked Singer?

The Unicorn is confirmed to be actress Tori Spelling.

The Clues:

  • She’s five feet, six inches tall
  • She was born and raised in Beverly Hills
  • She had a difficult childhood
  • She’s always wanted to be a singer, but someone told her she was “tone deaf.”
  • “Bird” is one of her nicknames

Judge Guesses:

Nicole Scherzinger: Meghan Markle

Jenny McCarthy: Ireland Baldwin or Paris Hilton

Robin Thicke: Lindsay Lohan

Tori Spelling is the daughter of Aaron Spelling and Candy Spelling. She’s written books detailing her difficult childhood. Her dad was a producer and helped her land roles on hit shows like 90210.

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