The Masked Singer Reveals Two New Identities in Double Elimination

The Masked Singer has finally revealed the identity of The Rabbit and The Lion as Joey Fatone and Rumer Willis, respectively, confirming our top theory in both cases. This leaves The Bee, The Peacock, and The Monster as the last masks standing.

The Masked Singer is FOX's new popular reality game show where masked celebrities go head-to-head in a singing competition and the losers have to take off their masks. The judges, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger have the job of guessing at each singer's identity, although their guesses are just for fun, and they don't play into who actually gets eliminated - that's left up to an audience vote.

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While The Rabbit and The Lion were both fan favorites, as we draw down to the final few weeks of the show, some of the top singers are finally being eliminated as we narrow in on a champion. With the simultaneous reveal of 2 Masked Singer identities, The Bee, The Monster, and The Peacock will be the final 3 competitors for next week's finale.

While there were plenty of theories out there, the identities of The Rabbit and The Lion may not be a massive surprise to many viewers, as most popular theories, including our own speculation, had the singers pegged as Joey Fatone and Rumer Willis.

We had predicted The Rabbit would be revealed as Joey Fatone, as his video was full of N'Sync references from him saying "synchronized singing" was one of his talents to the Rabbit's straightjacket costume to the phrase “This rabbit’s gonna win and you believe the last mask standing is gonna be me.” The Rabbit also seemingly confirmed he was in a boy band and was one of the better singers and certainly a better dancer (given the restrictions of a costume) than a majority of the other contestants.

Our prediction that The Lion was Rumer Willis was because as the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, she counted as "Hollywood royalty" (as she referred to herself), and she has 2 sisters, explaining the tease that there were "lots of women in [her] pride." She also has many connections to lions, from her role in Empire, which is about the Lyon family, to a big tattoo she has since removed from her shoulder.

Next week's episode will be a two-hour finale and will reveal the final 3 contestants, The Bee, The Peacock, and The Monster. Fans of the hit series may be disappointed it's over so quickly, but with a second season already confirmed, they can rest assured that there will be more masked singing in the near future.

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The Masked Singer will have a two-hour finale airing on Wednesday, Feb. 27 on Fox.

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