Masked Singer: The Internet’s Best Guesses at Identities - Week 7

Week 7 of The Masked Singer provides new clues to fans and judges for five of the remaining performers, and the internet has updated guesses.

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During Episode 7 of The Masked Singer, fans got to see five of the remaining contestants perform along with a running commentary by Triumph the Insult Dog, as well as one more elimination and shocking reveal. And yet again, the internet got it right!

In collecting and updating the internet's guesses on the identities of the anonymous vocalists every week, the results have proven to be 100 percent accurate so far. This week did nothing to change that average. This episode, in addition to the clue package, fans got a physical clue that linked to the identity of the masked performer. With vocal performances that have been improving week to week, the competition is getting fierce. Unfortunately for Ladybug, this week's performance of Youngblood by  5 Seconds of Summer turned out to be the final one for the beautiful beetle. While she wasn't able to fool the internet army with their collective Google power, the judges and host seemed collectively stunned at the revelation that Ladybug was, in fact, former Fashion Police host, Kelly Osbourne.

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Fox on The Masked Singer

Best Guess: Wayne Brady

This week's new clues still point in the same direction. Fox mentioned his 30-year-career, which lines up perfectly with 47-year-old Brady who started performing improv and local theater as a teen. A setlist Fox held included cabaret on one line, a likely nod to Brady's stint as cabaret performer Lola in Kinky Boots. Yet another superhero reference came up, which lines up with the recent announcement that Brady will be joining the cast of CW's Black Lightning in 2020. All clues past and present clearly point to the Whose Line is it Anyway alum.


Flower on The Masked Singer

Best Guess: Patti LaBelle

Fans have known for weeks that the iconic voice of this floral diva is none other than music legend-turned-Cooking Channel star, Patti LaBelle. At this point, everyone is just enjoying the opportunity to hear this musical great sing different genres of music each week. This installment of the singing competition gave no one any reason to change their minds. Clues like "secret garden," pointing to the late '90s Pamela Williams song "The Secret Garden," which LaBelle was featured on, just further cements this as the most solid guess.


Tree Masked Singer

Best Guess: Ana Gasteyer

This week's clues finally gave fans the confirmation they needed. Previously, fans of Ana Gasteyer caught a Mean Girls reference, but this week the clues were far more direct. During the clue package, viewers saw three pennies on a playbill. This can only be a reference to the revival of Threepenny Opera, which Gasteyer starred in. If that was not enough to convince anyone, the physical clue of soup and her comment that she wouldn't be there without soup pointed directly to the famous Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld, in which Gasteyer starred before she got her career-making role on Saturday Night Live. It looks like this one is finally clear. Tree is SNL alum, Ana Gasteyer.


Rottweiler The Masked Singer

Best Guess: Chris Daughtry

With additional clues given, it is narrowing the focus definitively to American Idol's Chris Daughtry. The clue packet talked about him not taking the conventional path to stardom, while also showing a vacuum cleaner. Daughtry's wife Deana publicly spoke about how she met him when he was 20 and selling vacuum cleaners. There was also another North Carolina reference (his home state), as well as the physical clue: a painting by Rottweiller. Since Daughtry has made no secret of his hobby of drawing comic book art, it appears fans can put a fork in this guess. Rotty is Chris Daughtry.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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