Masked Singer: The Internet’s Best Guesses at Identities – Week 3

Fans of The Masked Singer take to the internet with their best guesses at the identities of the remaining contestants from the show's third week.

Masked Singer Flower

Week 3 of The Masked Singer introduced the final 4 masked singers. It included Flower vs Eagle followed by Penguin vs Fox in a battle to maintain their anonymity.

Flower started the show off on a high note, leaving little doubt she would be moving on. Not good news for Eagle. Next, Penguin took on Fox, but came up a little short sending Fox on through. In the smackdown round, fans saw Penguin vs Eagle in a close round, but in the end, Penguin prevailed. Although the cast was on to the fact that it was likely a host, it was Jenny McCarthy who got the closest with her guess of Adam Corolla, sometimes co-host of the radio show Loveline. Eagle turned out, however, to be none other than the main host of the show, Dr. Drew Pinsky himself. This leaves us with the final 3 masked singers to ponder and, as always, the internet has a thing or two to say about who might be behind those masks.


Flower on The Masked Singer

Common Guesses: Patti LaBelle, Tina Turner, Loretta Devine

Most Popular Guess: Patti LaBelle

Clue Connections

The internet is rarely as unified with their predictions as they are with Flower. Before she even sang a note, fans were already convinced that this was Patti LaBelle. And once she began to sing, fans were sure. The clues fit as well. She referred to herself as a legend - something everyone can agree on. The cooking clue makes perfect sense, as the music legend has a Cooking Channel show called Patti LaBelle's Place. Her mention of smelling good could reference the fragrance that bears the superstar's name. Flower mentioned Empire, and fans know LaBelle has appeared on that show. And, last but not least, fans noticed the degree from Temple U on the wall; LaBelle, a Philadelphia native, has an honorary degree from Temple University. Speaking of Philadephia, there was a Philly cheesesteak on the table!

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Fox on The Masked Singer

Common Guesses: Jamie FoxxWayne Brady

Most Popular Guess: Wayne Brady

Clue Connections

Wayne Brady has been a common guess in the past, but this time fans just might be right. One of the clues mentioned working with everyone from Doogie to Doubtfire. Brady played Neil Patrick Harris', brother on How I Met Your Mother and Robin Williams, who played Mrs. Doubtfire, was on an episode of Who's Line is it Anyway?.  There was a superhero reference, and Brady once voiced the character of Micron on the animated series Batman Beyond.


Penguin on Masked Singer

Common Guesses: Mindy Kaling, Tonya Harding, Sherri Shepherd

Most Popular Guess: Sherri Shepherd

Clue Connections

The former The View host seems to have the strongest connections to clues. In addition to Shepherd's height of 5'1" being consistent with the smaller stature of Penguin, there are other strong links. Penguin mentioned not needing permission slips, and the actress penned a book by the title Permission Slips: Every Woman’s Guide to Giving Herself a Break. The hair related clues line up well with Shepherd's line of wigs. The hit list included people that would definitely fall on her personal hit list based on stories she'd told on The View over the years, as well as the highly publicized battle with her ex. One clue that had fans puzzled was the pictures of the Queen of Jordan, which could actually be alluding to her role as Tracy Jordan's wife on 30 Rock - specifically on season 5 episode 13, in which her character was referred to as Queen of Jordan.

Fans are ready and waiting for next week to return to some of the earlier masked singers, with new clues to help confirm or change earlier guesses. And the next reveal will be the first to put those to the test. It doesn't seem that the show's attempts to make clues harder is going to be able to stump the dedicated online sleuths who watch the show, but it will be fun to tune in to see either way.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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