Masked Singer: The Internet’s Best Guesses at Identities - Weeks 5 & 6

Masked Singer Penguin

Fans of The Masked Singer had to wait 2 long weeks due to shows being preempted by the World Series, but their patience was rewarded with 2 hours of the popular reality show. Episodes 5 and 6 aired back-to-back with two new reveals and plenty of new clues to shake up even some of the most popular fan theories.

So far, the fans have been dead-on with their predicted identities. This week, the pattern continues. In the first hour, Penguin was unable to secure enough votes to remain, and when the mask was removed, the fan's guess of Sherri Shepherd was confirmed. During the first hour, fans also heard from Rottweiler, Ladybug, Tree, Flower and Fox. During episode 6, which aired during the second hour, fans got to see new performances by Black Widow, Thingamajig, Butterfly, Leopard and Flamingo. Despite an amazing performance, Black Widow found herself on the low end of the votes and the masked singer, who was sporting a sling on her arm from a previous injury, was exposed and fans were once again right with their guess of Raven Symone. The new clues given over the 2 hours confirmed some previous fan guesses and changed others.

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Rottweiler The Masked Singer

Best Guess: Chris Daughtry or Scott Porter

With additional clues given, linking well to American Idol's Chris Daughtry, he has become the front runner. New clues included Carolina (his home state), Lil Pete (his dad's nickname is Pete), and references to musical theatre and his hero being Boyz II Men - which is something Daughtry has said in the past. However, the past clues linked better to Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter, including a football, Friday night references, and his song "Pretend" with the Glory Dogs. That said, with strong past clues that also pointed to Daughtry, the scales do seem to be tilting in his favor.


Ladybug The Masked Singer

Best Guess: Kelly Osbourne

New clues weren't as strong as the older ones, but all still line up Osbourne. Though the southern accent is likely meant to throw people off, the "fashion" police car, skulls (like her tattoos), family in the news, and even a ham (referring to the infamous ham-throwing incident), it seems Ladybug must be Ozzy's daughter. Other clues include the gavel and picture of the Sydney bridge, referring to her time on Australia's Got Talent.


Tree Masked Singer

Best Guess: Ana Gasteyer or Marie Osmond

While former clues fit well with Elvira, that only worked if the Christmas theme was meant throw fans off with the wrong holiday. With this week appearing to double down on Christmas, specifically, that seems unlikely, and fans of Ana Gastyer caught a Mean Girls reference, which convinced them this was definitely Gasteyer. A new strong guess emerged in Marie Osmond, sister of a former Masked Singer, Donnie Osmond. Osmond has been known for cooking, as well as many Christmas albums and specials, and a clue about her parents being in a rom-com could point to the fact that she has played her mother in a movie in the past.


Flower on The Masked Singer

Best Guess: Patti LaBelle

No one is changing their opinion on the flower any time soon. That iconic voice is none other than music legend-turned-Cooking Channel star, Patti LaBelle. She has fit every clue given so far, and this week changed nothing.


Fox on The Masked Singer

Best Guess: Wayne Brady

This week's new clue that had b-b-b-bark seemed to clearly point to Brady's past history of being bullied for a stutter. As fans have pointed out in the past, Fox mentioned working with everyone from "Doogie to Doubtfire," and Brady has worked with both Neil Patrick Harris and Robin Williams. Superhero references to his Batman Beyond work and an image of stools - a common prop from Whose Line is it Anyway - definitely point to the comedian as Fox.


Thingamajig Masked Singer

Best Guess: Victor Oladipo

At this point, it's safe to say most people believe Thingamajig is Victor Oladipo. The basketball clues, including references to Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic - teams he has played on - are pretty clear. They even reference his injury rehab. The nail in the coffin was when he used sign language. Oladipo is a huge supporter of his sister Kendra, who has been deaf since the 2nd grade.


Masked Singer The Butterfly

Best Guess: Michelle Williams

It feels like the clues about Britain are strongly there to misdirect, but the fans are sticking with Michelle. Even more, clues point to her past as a gospel singer, as well as references to Destiny's Child - like song titles and the breakup. As a singer who branched out to performing on London's West End, the England clues would still make sense.


Masked Singer Leopard

Best Guess: Seal

While spending time with the president and primetime champion clues point to Dennis Rodman, the quality of the singing has ruled him out for most fans (sorry, Dennis). Some now find Billy Porter or even RuPaul to be options, on account of a lot of the new clues, like Pose, normally being in front of the camera, pointing to one or the other. But as an ambassador for Lecia camera company, Seal remains the strongest choice. The British accent and implied adoption/foster care, references about relationships, and newspaper titles all line up as well. But in the end, it comes down to the voice.


Masked Singer Flamingo

Best Guess: Adrienne Bailon

The new NAACP award clue threw some people, but fans of the former Cheetah Girls where quick to point out that her show, The Real, has won such awards. She been described well by the clues, including references to her YouTube channel and saying she'd wanted to be a doctor when she was younger. This fits perfectly with Bailon, who attended a high school geared at health professions and once said she wanted to be an obstetrician.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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