The Masked Singer: David Letterman Knew Paul Shaffer Was the Skeleton Because of His Walk

The Masked Singer: Late night host David Letterman knew it was Paul Shaffer under the Skeleton costume because of his identifiable walk.

The Masked Singer Season 2 The Skeleton

After watching The Masked SingerDavid Letterman said he knew Paul Shaffer was the Skeleton because he recognized his walk. The band leader tried to throw the fans and audience off his trail by acting like his famous friends, Martin Short.

This week on the second season of The Masked Singer the Skeleton was revealed as Paul Shaffer. The singing show is a top-secret singing competition where superstars from all over the spectrum face off against one another while performing in elaborate costumes and masks that conceal their identity. In the past weeks of the competition, some stars have been revealed to fans such as Johnny WeirLaila Ali, and Dr. Drew Pinsky. Fox renewed the competition series for a second season as The Masked Singer was the number 1 new series, drawing in 17 million viewers and making it the top unscripted show.

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The bag o’ bones performance rocked the audience as he sang his own take of Jet’s "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" but sadly the performance landed him a one-way hearse ticket to elimination. The studio audience voted the Skeleton as the least favorite singer of the night and was ordered to take off his mask, showing everyone that it was David Letterman’s sidekick, Paul Shaffer.

Paul Schaffer Skeleton The Masked Singer

The late-night host knew it was his friend and co-creator of the Blues Brothers by the way he walked according to People. Shaffer said Letterman called him on the phone and told him he knew it was him performing on the show. The host understood there were non-disclosure forms that were signed but that he knew right away after the first show that it was him as he had worked closely with the orchestra leader for the past 33 years. Shaffer laughed at how judge, Ken Jeong thought that he was one of his best friends and fellow Canadian, Martin Short. According to Shaffer, Short called him up as well and asked if he was the Skeleton; Shaffer replied, "Aren’t you the Skeleton?”

While Jenny McCarthy was the only judge to guess the Skeleton’s identity correctly, Shaffer was happy that he could fool most of them with his clues and mannerisms. The musical creator even joked that the Skeleton costume had a mind of its own because it was so heavy, that the head would go one way and Shaffer would go another. For his part in the show, Shaffer was proud to have taken part and performed to the best of his abilities though he had hoped he would last a little longer than he did, he wouldn’t change his experience.

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The Masked Singer airs Tuesday at 8 PM EST on FOX.

Source: People

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