Mascots Trailer: Christopher Guest Takes on the World of Mascots

Mascots Still

Christopher Guest has near single-handedly defined the mockumentary comedy genre over the course of his forty-plus years in the filmmaking industry. After establishing the format through his work on the cult-classic film This is Spinal Tap in 1984, Guest has since gone on to craft several directorial efforts that have artfully blended caricature and stereotype to uproariously satirical effect.

From such contemporary comedy classics as Waiting for Guffman (1996) to Best in Show (2000), the seminal writer, actor, and director has made a name for himself again and again as an astute impressionist of various facets of modern life, culture, and entertainment. Following the cancellation of his short lived HBO series Family Tree in 2013, Guest is back with his next feature length film in the form of Mascots.   

In the first official trailer, Netflix promises viewers a thrilling new production from Guest about the highly competitive and ostensibly ridiculous world of professional sports mascots. Including a number of returning Guest performers, such as Jane Lynch (Wreck-It Ralph), Ed Begley Jr. (Ghostbusters), Parker Posey (Louie), and Chris O'Dowd (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children), Mascots already looks like another entertaining mockumentary feature for fans of the comedy genre to sink their teeth into. Check out the official plot synopsis below:

Mascots is a new comedy from Christopher Guest, director of Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show. Starring many of his regular troupe of actors, this latest film takes place in the ultra-competitive world of sports mascots where they compete for the most prestigious award in their field, the Gold Fluffy.

Mascots Still

Anyone who has been carefully following, watching, and keeping up with Guest's outpouring of mockumentary work over the years (and even those who have never heard of him) should definitely check out Mascots when it arrives on Netflix next month. The pangs of losing out on seeing more from the short lived HBO series Family Tree should be assuaged by this new offering, with its assembly of excellent cast members.

Guest can seemingly do no wrong in the mockumentary comedy genre, and Mascots looks to be a further testament to the director's prowess behind the camera (and in front of it). It remains to be seen whether or not Guest's latest will attract an audience outside of his already established fanbase, but here's hoping that the new movie will be a success either way.

Mascots will see release on Netflix in the U.S. on October 13, 2016.

Source: Netflix

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